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A New Week and Habit Tracking

 Another fresh week, and the first full week of a new month. I don’t mind Mondays. They always feel full of promise and optimism to me. Nothing has gone wrong, yet! 🙂  The weekend was nice. We had “swim Saturday” and “soccer Sunday”. Ethan had a game around ~1 hour away yesterday morning. It wasn’t far from my parents’ house,…

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Cutting Back

 So far, so good on my #75 Easy challenge (more on that here). Day 2/75 complete and on to Day 3 today. The biggest key is not waiting to get started on the various to-do items. In the past, I would wait until almost noon to start drinking my water, or wouldn’t walk OR exercise until later in the day….just a…

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#75 Hard Challenge….err…#75 easy.

 Have any of you heard of the #75 Hard challenge?? It’s been floating around for quite a while now- at least a couple of years I think- and has made its way to my social media feeds numerous times by now. If you haven’t heard of it, this is what it is: *a “willpower or mental toughness” challenge (NOT a…

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Habit Tracking

I sat outside on the deck last night at 10 pm and was going crazy at how BEAUTIFUL it was out!! Humid, warm….Just a perfect summer night. I had to drag myself inside to go to bed.  Holy guacamole, it’s July 1st. Sounds weird, mostly because part of me kind of still thinks it’s a strangely hot and humid March.…

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