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#75 Hard Challenge….err…#75 easy.

 Have any of you heard of the #75 Hard challenge?? It’s been floating around for quite a while now- at least a couple of years I think- and has made its way to my social media feeds numerous times by now. If you haven’t heard of it, this is what it is: *a “willpower or mental toughness” challenge (NOT a…

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Habit Tracking

I sat outside on the deck last night at 10 pm and was going crazy at how BEAUTIFUL it was out!! Humid, warm….Just a perfect summer night. I had to drag myself inside to go to bed.  Holy guacamole, it’s July 1st. Sounds weird, mostly because part of me kind of still thinks it’s a strangely hot and humid March.…

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Am I spending 1/3 of my life on my phone??

I was texting with a friend/co-worker yesterday, and she said something that made me stop in my tracks for a second. It wasn’t anything novel or new, and it wasn’t even totally accurate, but it stuck with me all day and overnight. We were talking about all the constant negativity online and just how overwhelming it all is. This particular…

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Bedtime Woes and Bad Habits

Last week I wrote a post about habits, so this has been on my mind all week. I’ve noticed a couple “bad habits” sneaking into our household a bit during this lock down time. Maybe it’s not even really fair to call them “habits”- more like “routines that might not be the best to continue long term”. 😊 One of…

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