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New habits + blogging + feeling self-conscious

The cool thing about having a blog is that you have a fun place to decompress and share details about your life with other people.

The bad thing about having a blog is that…. other people know a lot about your life! Which, is NOT actually a “bad thing” in my opinion- obviously I choose what I share.

But by being a rather open book here, the reality is that you get a glimpse into the daily workings of my life. Sometimes that’s good, and sometimes maybe it’s not! haha.

I was thinking about this yesterday. I feel like I (maybe too often) come into this space and announce things like: Hey everyone, I’m counting macros now! or I am going to do cardio 3x/ week before work! or Every day, I’m going to read for at least 20 minutes this month! etc. etc. etc.

What can I say?! I like doing “challenges”, and I’m always looking for ways to tweak or improve my life, I guess. Or track something….(Why do I like tracking things so much?! I’m so strange.)

But, I can see how from the outside, one might be thinking, Oh Lord, here she goes again…. some other new thing she’s going to do for a couple weeks and then will probably fall off the wagon anyway….. 😆

Which I suppose would be a totally fair statement! I don’t “stick” 100% with everything I set out to do. I haven’t done any cardio dance videos in a while now. Not currently counting macros, either, or tracking my food at all, for that matter.

I do consistently eat tacos, however. I am very skilled at routinely eating Mexican food, so I guess I do stick to the important things in life. 😜

I sometimes feel a little self-conscious about this. If I didn’t have a blog, I could just announce silently to myself, “I’m quitting carbs!” and then an hour later, I could say, like any sane person would, “Actually, no… I like cupcakes.” And no one else would be any the wiser. Hahaha.

But if I announce it here, at least a few people will probably read it. And then when the next week I post a picture of myself eating a deliciously buttery garlicky breadstick at Olive Garden, well, who ends up looking a bit foolish??? (I am not quitting carbs, never fear- this is purely hypothetical. Though, I have been in the mood for Olive Garden, so the breadstick part may come true soon.)

Anyway, I guess I’m just addressing the elephant in the room that yes, I may be a bit of a serial habit-hopper. lol!! I think a lot of it does stick, overall, but not always “exactly” as I set out to.

I want to apologize if this is annoying to read about.

Maybe it’s exasperating? Or, maybe, I hope, you might find it reassuring or refreshing in a way?? Obviously I am not a celebrity or famous or superhuman or anything of the sort, clearly- hopefully it’s evident that this is very much a Normal Person Blog. So I guess you get Normal Person Things here, which includes glimpses into my very imperfect life, and imperfect routines, and imperfect attempts at improving said imperfections. HA.

If you are looking for motivation on how to be extremely disciplined and check every single habit box or goal off every day, you’ll probably have to move along. lol. Nothing to see here… 😉 I am sure there is a guru on Instagram somewhere that could help you out. 🙂

So! With that long-winded disclaimer out of the way, on to my newest “habit goal!”

Latest goal= walk 60 minutes a day

Since we got home from Costa Rica, I’ve been making an effort to walk for 60 minutes a day (total). Ivan and I were talking, and we both commented on how GOOD we felt in Costa Rica, when we were generally so much more active than normal! We did a lot of walking.

I feel like my abdominal bloating issues were way decreased (maybe dietary related, too, of course), but I also wonder if my digestive system DOES NOT LIKE sitting, sedentary, at a desk for hours on end.

So, I’ve been trying to walk 20 minutes before work, 20 minutes during work at some point, and then another 20 minutes sometime in the evening (usually with Ivan). It helps that the weather is marginally better (marginally being the key word there…. ugh I dislike spring here…) and it stays light out later now, too.

I’m finding it’s actually not that hard to fit these blocks in, with a little intentionality, and I really do like how it makes me feel! Little bits add up. Previously, I would usually just walk “once” a day, if that- 20-30 minutes or so typically. This extra increase definitely makes a difference in how I feel.

I’m hoping that I can keep it up, especially with summer coming! I love walking more in the summer, anyway. I’m not being fanatical about it- some days it doesn’t quite work in, but I’m really aiming to make it happen.

Okay, gotta run- I have a meeting soon. Have a great day!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for Ivan immediately ordering a couple of suits for Ethan to try on for his upcoming 8th grade graduation after I mentioned it, and just generally taking care of “all of that” so I don’t have to think about it! Got one that works on the first try, and omg- he looks SO HANDSOME in it!! 🥰 Just need some new shoes now. 🙂

20 thoughts on “New habits + blogging + feeling self-conscious”

  1. Oh my gosh I am the same way! I’m always trying something new whether it’s exercise, diet, productivity, hobbies, you name it! I think it’s fun to experiment, but I’ve definitely gotten comments about doing things to the extremes (no running to training for a half marathon, tons of desserts to zero added sugars for a month, etc). I felt self conscious, but in the end I decided it’s not hurting anyone and I enjoy it! Why should we have to stay the same forever? 🙂


  2. I am very challenge-motivated, so I get it. I feel like it is so much easier to implement something that might be difficult or otherwise undesirable when I have clear parameters, like a caloric goal to hit every day or a time frame after which it will end. And honestly, it’s both comforting and charming when I read about bloggers who “gave up” on a challenge after X amount of time, because I can completely empathize with that. (Plus, I think it’s very easy to THINK that a challenge will work, but then to have normal life events derail your ability to enact that challenge, or to get in the middle of it and find out that it is not working for you/your lifestyle in some way.)

    Now that you are saying 60 minutes a day, I am thinking, “hmmm… Is that something I could do too?” I have been pretty consistent about walking daily, and I have a walking path that takes about 20 minutes round trip, so if I found a way to do it three times a day, I could do this too! Lol. We’ll see!


    1. You could try it and see! I think with nicer weather on the horizon, it might be more do-able than you think. But overall, I’d say just ANY consistency is better than X minutes every single day- as long as you are frequently getting out and moving, you’re probably doing just fine. 🙂


  3. We’re all a bunch of goal diggers! Some of them pan out and others don’t, and we keep digging. I’ve been meaning to write the “hey month one of dieting was great and months 2-3 have turned into a bunch of nothing and I’m not into this anymore” post myself.

    Daily walks are great. To be fair, we have a dog so they’re not optional, but I love my mandatory lunch and dinner walk breaks.


    1. Haha, goal diggers! Love that!! 😉 Yeah, I am pretty sure you’re not the only one whose diet peters out after a while. It’s okay- it gives everyone something to talk about on New Years every year. hahaha.


  4. Love this post because I can 100% relate. This time last year I was writing about my approach to food and then within like a month of that, I did a complete 180.

    Love the idea of walking daily (did this last year and it was awesome, though I DON’T miss the pressure of doing it every day). I think walking is hugely underrated in terms of both exercise and mental health?!

    I did a strength training challenge in Jan/Feb, and when it was over I had these dreams of continuing on with it. This has NOT happened. Funny timing on this post, because I was just thinking about this morning and realizing it has been at least a week since I’ve done any pushups…and over a month since I did squats or crunches.

    Happy Easter my friend ❤


    1. I have noticed that when I go real extreme on certain challenges, that when I’m “done” I sometimes go off the rails on the other direction! Like I think it was in November I did a “walk every day” challenge, and I was super strict about it…. and then when Dec rolled around, I had a like 12 day stretch at least where I literally didn’t walk at all!! So it does make me think that maybe the best way is a more balanced, flexible approach, anyway. Even now with this 60 minute goal, I’m not doing it as a true streak. There already have been some days I haven’t done it, but I have more days than not. I don’t want the stress in my life of “having” to do something right now, but I’m trying to keep it in the front of my mind and do it most days.


  5. I don’t think of you as someone who doesn’t stick to things. You try different challenges and maybe don’t comply with them 100% but very few people do! You are clearly an upholder and are consistent about mostly doing the right things – it just might not look like counting macros forever (which sounds awful, honestly!). So need to feel insecure! The 60 min walk goes sounds great but so not doable for me in this stage of life! Ha! I have so little control of my schedule and am not the early riser you are! But I am looking forward to being able to stick to my 23 in 23 goal. It will be so much easier when the weather is nice as we usually take a family walk after dinner when it’s warmer out so are outside for at least 30-45 minutes. Everyone is happier when we are able to do that! I just hope Will puts up with the stroller for a bit longer. We went on a family walk recently and he did not like being in the stroller and seeing his big brother scooting.. but he’s too young to scoot and not interested in the strider bike yet. Fingers crossed we can get one more summer of stroller use!!


  6. Interesting. I don’t really think of you as a habit hopper, either. Isn’t it crazy how our own impressions of ourselves can be different from other people’s?!

    I LOVE having a dog because she goes outside three times a day no matter what. Sometimes she’s not interested in a real walk and we just walk around the house, but most days I get to stretch my legs for 10-30 minutes three times a day. What a difference it makes in my mood (and probably my waistline, although Hannah and I are barely strolling), so I can get on with walking more as a goal for you!


    1. I have sometimes wondered if neighbors might think I look a little strange, going out so often for all these kind of shorter/frequent walks. Sometimes I literally just walk around the block for 8-10 minutes and then circle back home. But then I thought, well, if I had a dog this wouldn’t be weird at all… so I’ll just pretend I’m walking a dog here. 😉 And of course, with more and more people working from home, I think a lot of people are probably doing the “stretch the leg” breaks that I do – similar to if I had to walk down to the water cooler in an office or something.


  7. I think you are human and not a machine, hahahaha so totally fine trying and abandoning things. I used to get mad with me when not sticking to a goal, now im more realistic. Goals change, as you try them, you might find they don’t serve you as much as you thought you would, so you move on. That’s what I do with habits and goals set early this year. For instance I wanted to try new restaurants with the family as a goal, but I realize we don’t miss it when we don’t, and the comfort of homemade cook seems to suit us better, so I abandone the goal for now. Similarly I do like to meditate most of the days, 15-20 min as it set my mind into a good place for the day. But when I’m rushed and don’t have time, I try to do later in the day or not do it and I feel zero guilt. I love seeing other people’s changes, what motivate them and how they find trying them, so please keep posting them.


    1. I am learning to relax more on this! It’s a fine line for between being “lazy” or just giving up on goals, versus my desires and upholder tendencies wanting me to always check every box…


  8. I think most of your readers really like how “real” you are. At least I do. I like that you are not too rigid about your goals, not blame yourself when plans fall away, and are okay with shifting and changing as life situations change.
    Have no self doubts, we love your blog 😊


  9. You know what? if people have issues, they can stop reading. 🙂 Me, I like knowing that you’re human and that, despite setting goals, you often don’t achieve them *exactly*. It’s like what you share is the preliminary goal, which is then refined as you (try to) implement it into real life. Sometimes I get the Ideal Life in our heads confused with the one I’m actually living… and then wake up to reality when I realize things like I can’t actually check 16 things off my to-do list on days I have 5 one-hour commitments on my calendar. It’s just not going to happen. (And yet, I make those to-do lists, repeatedly… sigh…)
    So, short story? Keep sharing. We like it, we read it, we learn from it.


    1. Aww, thank you!! I know it’s probably a silly thing to worry about, but I still sometimes feel self-conscious about it nonetheless. So your comment helps encourage me! 🙂


  10. “The cool thing about having a blog is that you have a fun place to decompress and share details about your life with other people.” I love this so much, that is exactly why I started blogging-it’s a nice outlet.

    Also love Anne’s comment above 🙂


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