Holidays, Weekends

Happy Monday

Hey! How was your weekend? Mine was really nice. Plenty of holiday prep in full swing, as I mentioned yesterday, but it felt even-paced and festive, not frantic. Cookies: βœ” Presents: βœ” Christmas Challenge Day #8 (Read old Christmas books with kids): βœ” Time got away from us and it got late, so we only had time for a few.…

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

FINALLY feels like Christmas!! After a week of weirdly warm, sunny weather, we got our first bigger snowfall last night (currently- still snowing!). I’m sorry, but it just does not feel like Christmastime to me when it’s sunny and warm! No offense to anyone living in a warm climate, but it just doesn’t work for me. In June, YES!!! December….no.…

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Books, Weekends

Current Reads & more

I’m pretty happy with how much I’ve been managing to read lately. Still probably not that much, relatively speaking, but I’m reading daily and I’m happy about that. I picked up a couple new library holds yesterday so I thought I’d share what I’m reading. Currently Reading: πŸ“˜The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden: Book #2 in the Winternight…

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Misc., Weekends

This and that

Yippee, it’s only Saturday! I just had to double check the day/date because it has already felt like a pretty nice extended weekend. Still 2 days to go! I technically did work yesterday, but I only put in about a half day, which was nice. I’m currently debating if I want to work the other 4 hours today/tomorrow or just…

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