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Maybe it’s okay to let go sometimes…and, Travel Tuesday!

 I’ve had a thought rolling around in my head intermittently since a week or so ago when I listened to an episode of the podcast The Mom Hour. I believe it was Episode 279, titled “Home Learning Success Strategies + Our Kids’ Fall Schooling Update.” They were talking about how virtual learning was going for them currently- one host lives in…

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Good morning! Hope school and life and work and whatever you have going on is treating you well.  I’m going to try to keep this brief on text today…  I have been choosing to get up later currently (closer to 6 am instead of my normal 5:00). I can use the extra sleep to sustain my patience, energy and tolerance…

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Modified Mornings

Yet again coming at you later than usual, though I guess it’s only 7:30. After the last two days of the electrician here at 7 am, today we had an appointment at 7:00 with an arborist to give us a quote for removing a (huge) newly dead ash tree in our yard, plus scope out our other trees for potential…

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Someone crashed my early morning hours!

I am writing this later than usual on this beautiful Sunday morning, since this guy ↓ decided he wanted to go swim laps at 6:05 a.m. this morning! We were going to go yesterday afternoon, but it was hot and we ended up just feeling lazy, so we cancelled and rescheduled for bright and early today. The boys and the…

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‘Meditation May’

Morning! Today is a much needed rest day from working out, so I have a little extra time this morning. I might sneak in a little yoga at some point if I get a chance and I’m hoping to go for a walk. This is also a half/ flex day of work for me so I’m looking forward to a…

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