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Someone crashed my early morning hours!

I am writing this later than usual on this beautiful Sunday morning, since this guy ↓

decided he wanted to go swim laps at 6:05 a.m. this morning! We were going to go yesterday afternoon, but it was hot and we ended up just feeling lazy, so we cancelled and rescheduled for bright and early today. The boys and the neighbor girl had an online “date” set up to play Minecraft today I think around 7:30 a.m., so I think he wanted to go swim and get back before that time.
I, of course, always get up super early, so this was no big deal to me. He rarely does, however, so he seemed rather excited by biking to the gym so early in the morning, with the neighborhood quiet and everyone still sleeping.
We swam for about 45 minutes and then soaked in the hot tub for a while. The sun was shining in the windows and it was very pleasant! This was my 3rd or 4th time swimming with him now lately, and I am finally getting a little bit of endurance back. 

(I say “back” very lightly- I am not a “swimmer” really and I typically don’t swim very often or regularly. But I have a decent stroke from my brief 1-2 year stint on the swim team back in elementary school, so with a little bit of practice I end up not feeling too bad in there. I’m really enjoying it! Maybe I’ll keep it up.)

On the way out, he said, “I like swimming at this time!” I am taking that comment with a grain of salt, because I am sure there was a bit of novelty factor this morning. Of the two boys, Asher is definitely the one who needs more sleep and is more likely to sleep in. He is usually the one that has a harder time waking up too.

As we rode home, he said, “Maybe I’ll get up at 5:30 a.m. every day!” While I appreciate his enthusiasm and appreciation for the early morning hours (readers of this blog must know by now that I LOVE waking up early and having those couple hours to….myself…..), I am not sure I necessarily want to share those hours with him! I wouldn’t mind though if he wanted to go swim early a couple days a week or something. I reminded him that getting up early would require an earlier bedtime, which seemed to make him pause for a minute. 🙂 

I’m glad he got to witness the beauty of an early summer morning, though. I feel sad that many people who are accustomed to always sleeping late will never know how beautiful it is outside at that time of day!! There is a peacefulness that I think is nearly impossible to find at any other time. But, to each their own- I like late nights, too, so I can appreciate different strokes for different folks!

In closing, how about a close up of some pretty flowers? These were some leftovers that I stuck in a pot out on our back patio. I think they are really quite beautiful though!

Enjoy your Sunday! 😊

Daily Gratitude: I am grateful for peanut butter! Many mornings when I get up so early, I tend to feel a little hungry before too long. Maybe it’s a bad habit to eat so early, but I often grab a piece of bread with some peanut butter to snack on with my tea. It’s quick and quiet to prepare, and it always hits the spot! I just had a little PB sandwich when we got home from the gym, so it’s my gratitude pick for today. 

3 thoughts on “Someone crashed my early morning hours!”

  1. I can see your dilemma…. showing him the beauty of early peaceful mornings vs. having quiet time for yourself. I would be feeling the same. :)I don't swim either much but when i do it reminds me how nice is to be in the water and feel the silence. Maybe i'll do tomorrow.


  2. That is impressive that he opted to get up early to swim – and that he had a 7:30am minecraft 'date'! The early bird gets the worm!I haven't really been one to 'sleep in' for quite awhile. Getting up early M-F just sets my clock and I couldn't really sleep in past 7 most weekends. This past weekend I was up at 5:30 on Sat am after not sleeping well. I tossed and turned for awhile and then gave up and got up and as you saw from my IG post, I enjoyed some coffee and read my book in peace.


  3. In your situation, I would just sleep until my body woke me up! With #2 on the way, you will be getting even less sleep!! I know what you mean though- once you are used to waking up early, it becomes nearly impossible to "sleep in" anymore, even if you want to.


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