Morning Routine

My Current Morning Routine during COVID-19

It’s Monday, officially only our second Monday since starting quarantine. (I’m not even really sure what to call it. I know we are aren’t really in “quarantine” exactly, but what are we supposed to say? “Our second Monday since starting to stay at home all the time? Our second Monday in social isolation? All of it sounds strange, honestly!)

An early morning view from our balcony in Acapulco a couple weeks ago

But anyway, since we flew home from Mexico on Monday, the 23rd, today marks the beginning of our second full week doing school at home along with me working from home (which I do normally, but not normally with the kids home all the day while also trying to “teach” them). 

Ivan does goes back to work this morning, however, so that is one big change. His employer required a 14 day period off after any travel out of our county, and today is the day. Fortunately, unlike many others in the world right now, he still got paid during this time off. THAT is an amazing blessing. 

He works in banking management, so he will be returning to a bit of a strange environment, I think. Their lobby is closed. As a big part of his job involves appointments with clients, I’m not entirely sure how it will work now. I know they are also working on a slightly reduced hours schedule, which at least means he will be home earlier in the evening. This may sound terrible, but I initially thought it might be too much having all 4 of us home constantly these last two weeks. It was actually really wonderful! I thought we might all be on top of each other, in the way, or just getting on each other’s nerves. But, for the most part that wasn’t the case!! I’m sad that he is going back to work. It’s very likely that this was a scenario we may never see again- he typically only takes vacation when we go out of town. When else would he have a full two weeks off just to spend time at home with us?? 

The boys spent a LOT of time with Dad these last couple of weeks, especially while I was working

My current a.m. routine

Since I was NOT off these last two weeks, I actually spent some time on the plane on the way home from Mexico planning out how our routines were going to look during this time. I knew that I wanted to carve out some time with the boys for their schooling, but I wasn’t willing to totally give up my precious morning time either. My usual morning routine is very similar, but I have added in morning workouts most days and made some other adjustments. 

So, I have been doing the following, for now:

~05:20: Wake up

5:20-5:35: Brush/ floss teeth, contacts in, get dressed, etc. (While I do this, I have been putting on Laura Vanderkam’s The New Corner Office podcast)

~05:35: Go downstairs to my office

05:35-05:40: make tea, get computer on and situated

05:40- 06:00
     -read my daily calendar and write gratitude entry (more on that to come in          a future post!)
      -read Verse of the Day online, write it down
      -write in my highlight journal notebook about yesterday’s events 
      -check off items on my habit tracker

-check personal email quick and a couple of blogs
-write a post here! (before starting this blog, part of this 0600-0630 block was devoted to trying to read 10-15 minutes in my non-fiction book; I am working on figuring out where to move that to in my day!)
-check calendar and set top few things to accomplish for the day

06:45- 07:15: 21 Day Fix workout (pre-COVID I was not working out at home or during this time. But it has been working really well during this period).

07:15-08:00: Shower, get dressed, ready for the day

8:00: Start work (if not earlier; some days I start by 07:30)

I have found over the years that although it is super tempting to wake up and sit around in PJs or sweats, I feel SO MUCH BETTER if I take a shower earlier in the day before working from home. I just feel….blah otherwise. And kind of gross.

 I have also been loving getting a workout out of the way first thing in the morning. It doesn’t always seem to fit into my normal schedule at this time (to go to the gym), but it has been really great for now. I am already thinking about trying to tweak my schedule when normal life resumes to make a.m. workouts happen at least some days. 

Daily Gratitude:
 I am grateful that a good friend and her husband who had been sick with COVID-19 are both feeling better and are mostly recovered. I am grateful for the current health of my own family and that I don’t personally know anyone else who is sick with COVID right now. 

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