Morning Routine

Current Morning Routine Staples

In my perfect world, I’d have at least ~2 hours to leisurely enjoy my morning routine. 🙂 I used to get up at 4:30 a.m. (although back then, I would often work for 2 hours before the kids got up! Now that they are older, I can work later into the afternoon and these early morning work hours haven’t been as necessary. Some days I’ll do an hour of work if I have a busy day ahead, but it’s more the exception than the rule these days.)

But I’ve mentioned before, I like to see my husband at night, too. And the kids often aren’t in bed until around 9:30. So, a 10:30 p.m. bedtime is currently more realistic for me. Which means the earliest I want to wake up is around 5:30. Sometimes more like 5:45….. Many times it is ~6 a.m. before I am downstairs, dressed and in my office.

Here’s a little peek into my “non-negotiables” right now….the little ritual steps I pretty much ALWAYS do, every single morning. 🙂

  1. Make tea

2. While tea water is heating (2:38 exactly), I usually pop on my computer and will typically read a quick blog post on one of the blogs I enjoy, or maybe scan my email or news headlines.

3. Next, tear off my daily calendar page, read the little Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff snippet.

4. Then, grab my daily quote/inspiration book by Hoda Kotb and read that day’s short passage.

5. Next, I prep my daily journal page (it’s actually for the previous day- that’s just how I do it. I don’t use these pages for planning, but rather for reflection on the day before.)

If I liked the quote of the day from my book, I will write it here (see below). If it didn’t really speak to me, I’ll jot down a different one that I had either saved recently from a different source or something. (I loved today’s quote, though!!)

6. Then I fill out the bottom half! This is very fun and enjoyable to me. Quick, simple and satisfying.

Missed my workout. 😦 Meeting ran long and ate up my workout time, and then I had a raging HEADACHE all evening that just took a workout off the table.

7. If I’m doing okay on time, I’ll complete the top journal portion (my free writing/ thoughts/ recap of the day, etc.). If I’m short on time, I might save this for later in the day or during a work break. I usually check off my habit tracker items now, too.

8. Check my planner. Usually a quick glance at the monthly spread, then make sure I know what’s ahead on the weekly/ daily page. Pick my to-dos for the day. Also, I’ll usually jot down what I think we’ll have for dinner, too, at the bottom.

Of note- I don’t really use my planner for a ton of “work” stuff! It’s mostly home to personal stuff.

That’s it! Then, the next step is usually doing THIS. Writing a blog post.

When I’m really “on time”, I like to do some non-fiction reading if I can squeeze it in. But I currently usually only have just about an hour before the kids are up and moving. Sometimes I’ll do a few minutes of reading quickly right after I take them to school, before I officially start my work day!

Workouts have been relegated to my lunch hour, at the moment. May change with summer coming, though. We’ll see! This routine seems to evolve with the changes of the seasons and life. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

See above, but feeling especially grateful for my husband today. Both Monday and Tuesday, he came home from working all day at 6 pm and then immediately started…”doing stuff”. Monday, he cleaned the master bathroom and then still went out and ran a few errands/ returned a couple things at the store….then last night, he again got home at 6 pm and then still cut the grass AND did laundry!! So grateful to have a husband that is ALL IN on parenting and household stuff. He has a busy job and is gone from 8:30-6, but he still comes home and pitches in without missing a beat.

3 thoughts on “Current Morning Routine Staples”

  1. I LOVE this! Love this level of detail!!

    My ideal morning routine is up at 5am – journal – drink water – gaze out of the window/listen to the birds/do nothing – read non fiction – daughter wakes at around 6.30am or I wake her at 7am – wake hubby with a coffee 🙂


  2. i like your routine, especially the lower portion of your journal. I’ve letft my journal in manila home so i’m in a wack in term of routines, but I’m okay, it feels like a vacation 🙂


  3. I don’t feel like I really ‘enjoy’ my morning until I log into work! But I’m in that demanding stage where I’m breastfeeding and doing other stuff for the kids and I don’t wake up before them since I’m in that tired stage of being up during the night. But my evenings are super quiet since Will goes to bed around 6 and Paul goes down around 7. So I have the opposite – busy mornings, quiet evenings. On weekends I have been trying to do a run or workout around 7 and Phil handles the boys during that time. I prefer working out in the morning but it’s not possible on week days! I, too, have been using lunchtime for workouts which works fine but eventually running at that time is not going to be fun so I will have to move my run to the mornings and do it on mornings when my husband does drop-off!


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