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Modified Mornings

Yet again coming at you later than usual, though I guess it’s only 7:30. After the last two days of the electrician here at 7 am, today we had an appointment at 7:00 with an arborist to give us a quote for removing a (huge) newly dead ash tree in our yard, plus scope out our other trees for potential issues (specifically some big spruces that seem to have some kind of fungus going on… 😖). 

DEFINITELY the least fun part of home ownership is paying for “non-fun projects”. Like, getting trees removed. Or a new roof that basically looks the same as the old one. Or a new water heater. It’s one thing to pay for a shiny new kitchen, or pretty new floors (that you get to enjoy!). But this other stuff is for the birds.

Anyway, we’re chugging along in our typical post-vacation stupor here. Overall, not too bad this time. I made a conscious choice to reevaluate my expectations a bit. When we got home from our weekend trip to Upper Michigan in July, I tried to jump full force back into everything and it was terrible (read more about that crappy week here).

So, this time I decided to scale back this week. I haven’t even attempted to get up at 5 am (spent the whole last week going to bed at midnight and waking up at 7:30, so 5 am suddenly would probably be a shock to the system!). I haven’t opened my highlight journal/ habit tracker that I usually fill out in the mornings and I haven’t done a single workout (unless you count a 30 minute walk on Wednesday afternoon). 

Mainly I’m just focusing on slowly getting stuff unpacked and getting my full 8 hours of work done each day. I decided I would rather wait on everything else and just focus on work so that I don’t have to work at all this weekend. We don’t have plans this weekend, so we should have time to finish unpacking, do some cleaning, get groceries, finish laundry, pay some bills, etc. then, and hopefully by next week I can get back into a more “normal” daily routine! 

The boys are savoring their last moments of “summer” laziness before school resumes next week:

They had a video game “date” with our old neighbor yesterday morning (you can see her face on the ipad- they facetime and play video games at the same time. Fun, I guess??). Christmas PJs and all. 🙂 

I’ve had the boys help unpack something or do some bigger chore each day so far too, which has been helpful. 

I desperately need groceries but so far we’re making do with scrounging up what’s in the pantry and a few items that survived our time away…dinners this week have included a ground turkey/ potato/ pinto bean mix in salsa verde (a staple in our house) and yesterday I made a frozen hashbrown/ scrambled egg/ onion/ jalapeno skillet served with tortillas.

Breakfast the other day: 

Over easy eggs on arugula, plus oats, flax and chicken! Weird mix but I love it.

Okay better get moving! Need to go pick Asher up from an early morning swim practice that Ivan took him too. 

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful that Ethan’s soccer team is practicing at the park that is just 2 blocks from our house this fall!! It’s SO AMAZING to not have to drive him to practice and pick him up. He can just walk or scooter over! THIS IS HUGE! 

2 thoughts on “Modified Mornings”

  1. That was smart of you to give yourself a break this week after coming back from a long vacation. It's hard to jump back into normal life after being away and being on a different schedule! Feeling all that stress can kind of reverse any benefit of the vacation! I'm sure you'll be back to your usual habits after this weekend!!!


  2. I think you're doing great to slowly get back to the routine and not forcing yourself to have it all settled asap, which what I typically do and feel overwhelmed. I've been falling asleep before 9pm and waking around 3:30…. hahah… too early. but I can see the beauty of staying late during vacation because there's no rush in the morning. oh… finding food from the pantry is actually fun! I did it for 10 days and it was a boost to my creativity.


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