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Good morning! Hope school and life and work and whatever you have going on is treating you well. 

I’m going to try to keep this brief on text today… 

I have been choosing to get up later currently (closer to 6 am instead of my normal 5:00). I can use the extra sleep to sustain my patience, energy and tolerance for virtual schooling. 🙂 

It is often always a challenge to get myself to bed “on time” for a 5 am wake up, so I have been choosing to just not stress, stay up a little later as needed/ desired and sleep in just a bit instead. 

Of course, this means I have less of my favorite time of the day…sad. I can’t express how much I love my quiet morning time. 

I have opted to move my workouts to later in the day/ after work for the moment to preserve my (shortened) mornings for planning my day, my gratitude/ highlight journal, reading a few other blogs with my tea and, of course, writing here. 

Today though I need a little time to catch up on a few things I had planned to do last night. I ended up doing this:

Yay for fireplace weather! I mean, not sure I’m truly ready for 50 degree weather, but it felt amazing last night to turn off the living room lights and plop myself as close to the fire as possible without starting my hair on fire. 

I read with Ethan while Asher and Ivan were off at swim practice:

Some other random snapshots of “a day in the life of virtual schooling”:

Asher watching a science lab video:

Ethan doing math:
Lunch break. Was raining all day so I told them to MOVE somehow. Walking barefoot on the treadmill was Asher’s choice, I guess. 🙂

Ethan has been running a couple miles every day after school:

Asher decided to join me at this little, old table in my laundry room/ office for a little while so he could be nearby in case he had questions about something:

And of course, the 598th visit from a hamster during the day. Poor hamsters are probably wishing they could shout, “WE ARE NOCTURNAL!! LET US SLEEP!!” 

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for our fireplace. I seriously love it so much. I feel an immense, probably exaggerated sense of gratitude for it nearly every time I turn it on. I love sitting by it, I love looking at it (especially at night or on a cloudy/rainy/snowy day)… I just love everything about having it. 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Snapshots”

  1. so impressive that Ethan runs in a TM. I wonder when Sofia wants to do that. 🙂 Swimming is still her fav exercise. fireplace looks so cozy, very hygee. it just makes us feel homey i guess. I miss ours back in the US, although I didn't turn it on often enough. I definitely will when we go back eventually.


  2. I have been trying to convince my husband to get a treadmill for our basement. He usually goes to a gym in his building at work but hasn't since covid hit and won't until there is a widely available virus. And he HATES winter running – I do, too, so I really can't blame him. But he's anti-treadmill and I haven't been able to convince him otherwise!I love fireplaces!! We have a gas one in our bedroom – I love reading a book in our comfy recliner in the winter months. We have a wood burning fireplace in our living room but we want to convert it to gas as Phil hates the mess of a wood burning fireplace. I like them as I love the smell, but I understand his aversion to the mess. So hopefully we can get it converted in the next couple of years.


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