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I am not throwing away my shot

Happy Sunday! I ended up having a pretty great Saturday, after some plans shifted and my day unexpectedly opened up. The morning was fairly lazy but included checking off a couple more months worth of photo organization. Still chugging along on this photo project. Ethan and I cleaned out his closet. It badly needed it… Continue reading I am not throwing away my shot

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2020 Holiday/ Winter Fun List

(Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay) I finally sat down and brainstormed my holiday season/ winter fun list! Here's what I came up with: 🎄 Drive around town to look at local Christmas lights, listening to Christmas music. Either bring hot chocolate from home or pick some up from a drive thru. 🎄Bake cookies together.… Continue reading 2020 Holiday/ Winter Fun List

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The holidays are here!

It's officially Thanksgiving week! The boys have the entire week off from school and I have to say, I'm welcoming the little break. As extremely happy as I have been to have them back in school, there is something wonderful about just relaxing all of the schedules and routines. My favorite thing I think is… Continue reading The holidays are here!

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Halloween 2020 and on to November!

Halloween 2020 is a wrap. This is basically the end of "fall" to me, too, although November is obviously still technically fall. Things just start moving full steam ahead toward more of a Christmas feel I think, and the weather here usually turns colder, darker, windier, etc. Last night was a pretty quintessential "Halloween night"… Continue reading Halloween 2020 and on to November!