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Ohhh, I just feel lazy right now. Like, too lazy to write a decent post. I’m not tired…in fact, I did actually “sleep in” (mostly just lounged in my dark bedroom, in the half-awake/ half-asleep state, too lazy to get up) for quite a while. It’s windy and rainy out and my mood reflects it. 🙂 So, I won’t force…

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Listen to yourself

So after my very tired morning yesterday, I had a very tired day. 🙂 Surprising. 🙂 But I’m actually proud of myself, because I felt very in tune to how I was feeling and what I needed. I think past versions of myself might have tried to “power through”, or say, “No excuses, toughen up!!”. Maybe it’s that I’m closer…

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Silver Lining #1

Do you have a “favorite” side effect of the pandemic? That probably sounds like a weird question, but I mean, is there one outcome from all of the changes that you like the best? (I know we all really despise many things about it. But I think most people agree there are SOME perks to the lifestyle changes, even if…

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Weekly Wrap-up

How was your week? T- 1 week already until Halloween! Then it always feels like a downhill slide into Thanksgiving and Christmas from there, though I guess everything will look and feel different this year. I had a good week! It was a nice mix of productive and relaxing. Holiday Dreaming On Thursday afternoon Asher and I ran over to…

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A New Week and Habit Tracking

 Another fresh week, and the first full week of a new month. I don’t mind Mondays. They always feel full of promise and optimism to me. Nothing has gone wrong, yet! 🙂  The weekend was nice. We had “swim Saturday” and “soccer Sunday”. Ethan had a game around ~1 hour away yesterday morning. It wasn’t far from my parents’ house,…

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