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More on weekly audit + ?? TRAVEL and other misc.

Coco asked me yesterday how I kept track of everything for the “weekly audit” review I posted. In reality, I don’t normally keep track of my week exactly according to those categories. Yesterday morning I sat down in a special attempt to do a weekly audit, and brainstormed those 7 categories as general areas of my life that I care…

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“The Three R’s” lesson + misc. life

My Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff desk calendar taught a good lesson this week, spread out over the last few days. Thought I’d share it here for your benefit, too. 🙂 It said (in summary): To become a less reactive, happier person, remember the three R’s: 1- Responsive Act appropriately to the actual issue at hand, NOT driven by habitual,…

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20 Years

There aren’t really words, or at least I don’t have them today, so I think I won’t try. Instead, here are some photos from our visit to NYC, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and the 1,776 foot tall One World Trade Center in 2018. The 9/11 Museum was one of the most significant, memorable and impactful places I have ever…

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Day-before-vacation list

Busy busy day today! We leave tomorrow for vacation! Woohoo!! TO DO LIST: ✅ Get up early and pound out some WORK! (check. Was typing away and responding to emails by ~6 am). ✅ 8:30 a.m. super quick bang trim appointment. (done) 🔲 More work!! Data deadline met early (as of Wednesday p.m!)- yay! That’s a relief. I have some…

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Back from State weekend, and it’s hot

Well, that’s a wrap on the State swimming weekend for Asher. This also means that his season has come to end. It’s been a pretty bizarre year and a half with swim team in general, due to covid. Everything came to a total halt last spring, followed by a summer with very, very small and more infrequent practices. Meets were…

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