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Another full weekend- but, happy :)

This weekend felt really long!! I think it was because we did a lot of different things. It seems when you do one, single activity all day, maybe time goes more quickly? Or at least the perception of that time, looking back on it. But when you transition from one thing to another to another,… Continue reading Another full weekend- but, happy đź™‚

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A 12 year old’s perception of “free time”

Asher is really busy right now. Obviously he is back in school, but he also has play practice after school, volleyball Tuesday/ Thursday and swim practice almost every night. It's a lot! Possibly (probably?) bordering on "too much", but we decided to allow it because it's a fairly short period in time. (The play is… Continue reading A 12 year old’s perception of “free time”


Pulling the virtual plug

I just hit send on an email confirming the boys' piano lesson times for next school year (starting in September). After ~1 year and 4 months of doing only VIRTUAL lessons, they will be returning to "in person" lessons finally. (The piano studio decided to just keep things virtual through most of the summer since… Continue reading Pulling the virtual plug