Pulling the virtual plug

I just hit send on an email confirming the boys’ piano lesson times for next school year (starting in September). After ~1 year and 4 months of doing only VIRTUAL lessons, they will be returning to “in person” lessons finally. (The piano studio decided to just keep things virtual through most of the summer since it was complicated to switch things around mid session.)

A couple of thoughts on this:

1- Virtual lessons went surprisingly WAY, WAY better than I ever expected. Honestly, I feel like they were perfectly fine in that format. In fact, if someone said we had to continue that way indefinitely (for piano), I think it would not be the end of the world.

2- That being said, there are probably (certainly) some benefits to in person lessons. I’m not sure the teacher can always fully see them completely- their posture, hand position, etc. Also, there is a certain awkwardness to speaking via video format. As in, it can be hard to know when the other person is going to start talking, etc. I think the boys might “attend” slightly better in person, too, and they can do other activities like using rhythm flashcards or drum to play a rhythm in the studio.

3- Piano lessons are expensive. They are a priority in our household, though the boys might disagree sometimes. There is a piece of me (and a larger piece of Ivan) that feels like for that cost, they should be IN PERSON. (Obviously, the pandemic was a unique situation.) But Asher’s teacher had the option to continue with virtual lessons even next year, if desired, so I had to choose between an in person slot or a virtual slot on a different day.

4- I cringed just slightly as I hit the “send” button verifying that yes, we want to go back to in person lessons. ONLY because this means that I will need to resume driving them to and from said lessons. 😬


It’s super close to home, and praise the Lord, for once I managed to register as soon as fall registration opened, meaning I got them in for lessons on the same day and the same time!!! (They have different teachers). Yes! This is huge. I’m so proud of myself. Only took me like 7 years to realize you need to respond immediately to get the slots you want, but hey, I finally did it.

This is by far the best option- one trip there and back, no one has to wait for the other…AND I snagged the 3:45 slot (earliest they had), so piano hopefully won’t interfere with Ethan’s soccer or Asher’s swim practice.

But still, you cannot beat the convenience of virtual lessons! The pandemic has made me very, very soft in regards to my tolerance level for driving people around. The boys have liked it, too. It is pretty sweet to just log on 2 seconds before your lesson and then immediately be “home” once it’s over.

I’m hoping that we might have an option to do some occasional virtual lessons in cases of schedule conflicts or make-up lessons. It seemed like they wanted us to commit to either all virtual or all in person (I was actually briefly considering asking if we could do, say, 2 virtual/ 2 in person per month or something.)

Do you have anything you are not 100% looking forward to resuming in person?

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a slightly cooler rainy day. Needed a quick break from the scorching heat.

3 thoughts on “Pulling the virtual plug”

  1. I hear you! virtual lessons/work have its charm, as you cut short on traffic time. For me, because the kids are still small, in face is always better. I know that if I had to drive them everywhere and stay for the lesson, I might have a different opinion about that. 🙂
    super glad that things are looking more normal for you.


  2. I’m glad they can get back to in person and that their lessons are at the same time. I feel like virtual lessons could be hard (I taught piano in high school so am trying to envision it and it’s tough to imagine it!) so I am glad it was a good experience overall for your boys!

    I’ll be able to WFH for the rest of the year but starting in January I need to be back in the office 3 days/week and I am not really looking forward to this. I really love the flexibility of WFH! I am thankful that I will get to WFH 2 days/week, though. It’s better than nothing!


    1. Lisa that stinks that they are requiring that you return to the office. Many employees at the financial institution that I work for have asked that a large portion of the company remain work from home 100% of the time. There will be a percentage that split 3 days in office 2 days out but only for those that require access to onsite system, printers, etc. that can’t be done from home. Do you know if there is a good reason for your role to require in office work?

      Kae – I really think its better for kids to have in person experiences and its probably best youre sending them back to in person lessons but I agree about the desire to limit driving if possible. I think by 2023 everyone will be back to life as it was pre-covid or at least that’s how it feels. I also will NOT be sticking to grocery store pick-up! I NEED to buy my own groceries! haha!


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