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A photo to remember

Feels weird to be typing a post in the evening. I basically only ever blog in the morning, and if I don’t, I just don’t blog that day. But I’m sitting on the floor next to my fireplace, Asher is in his room talking to friends, Ethan went to a sleepover, and Ivan ran to check on his brother. And I felt like writing a little post!

I’m tired. Today was Day 2 of the big Regionals swim meet Asher’s team is hosting. As I’ve mentioned, I’m the Volunteer Coordinator, so I have been doing a LOT of work to get ready for this. This is the big final meet for most kids before a 1 1/2 month break from swim. (= a big break for me, too!)

Asher swam one event last night (Friday) and then did not actually swim today. He has State next weekend, so he is keeping a light load this weekend. He will swim a couple events tomorrow morning, though.

I was up and left home by 6 am to get there to help set up and get all the volunteers checked in as they arrived.

All good! Everything went fine, overall. It’s still always just rather hectic. Fun, too, but just kind of mentally taxing.

I left things set out for tomorrow morning so it should be all set when I arrive again tomorrow at 6:30. (Ugh why do these meets have to start so early?!)

As I was about to head out, it crossed my mind that I should take a picture of my little “volunteer check-in” station in the hallway! This volunteer job + Asher’s swim team experience has been a pretty big part of my life for quite a few years now. Someday, it will all just be a memory. A very fond one, overall. ❤️

some of the name tags for the timers, sign in sheets….forgot to take a pic of the bins with the yellow “volunteer” t-shirts people have to wear! (to be allowed on the pool deck behind the blocks). Will do that tomorrow. 🙂

It reminded me a little of Gretchen Rubin’s idea to keep an “album of now”- where you take photos of random everyday things that you normally wouldn’t photograph, like, I don’t know- your mailbox. Or your shoe closet. Or the umbrella you use every time it’s raining when you walk your dog. Those little misc. things that are funny and special in a weird way to look back on someday. (I would love to have a picture of our TV remote from when I was a kid. I can still picture it in my mind. VERY different from remotes nowadays!)

I also took a picture of my “bin”- the box I cart to all the meets with the lanyards, highlighters, blank name tags and more.

Someday I’ll run across these pictures and think, “Oh my gosh!! Remember when I used to spend all that time arranging volunteers for Asher’s swim meets?!? Ugh, that was so much work!!” And then I will probably smile and think of Asher running around in his little swim suit and towel and his Crocs in between his races. 🙂 And I’ll wish I could turn back the clock! Good times. ❤️

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that we co-hosted this meet with another team, which seriously made my life easier for recruiting volunteers.

3 thoughts on “A photo to remember”

  1. Such a great idea. I try to do this too, but it can be hard to think ahead to what will be nostalgic/special (likely all of it!).

    I can still picture my grandmother’s remote control but, like you, wish I had a picture of it! It was so unique and represents A LOT of fun memories for me (she had cable + we were allowed to eat lunch and watch The Price Is Right at her house which was such a big deal).


  2. That is a good idea to take a picture to memorialize this volunteer experience. A picture is worth a thousand words and can really jog your memory like nothing else. That is why I loved the project of going through old photos in google photos last year. This year I am going through old videos so that has been super fun and has shown me how quickly the kids change. I love hearing Paul’s little toddler voice.


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