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2020 Holiday/ Winter Fun List

I finally sat down and brainstormed my holiday season/ winter fun list! Here’s what I came up with: 🎄 Drive around town to look at local Christmas lights, listening to Christmas music. Either bring hot chocolate from home or pick some up from a drive thru. 🎄Bake cookies together. This one’s a no brainer, but worth listing. I might start…

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Fun facts

Happy Sunday! Being Sunday, it feels like a fitting day to share pics of my Nativity scene. I received a piece most years from my Godparents when I was little and love my set! ❤ The boys usually put it up now and always look forward to that. The book I’m currently reading, Christmas: A Candid History, has kind of…

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The end of the magic

Sniff, sniff. It was a sad day yesterday. 😥 We now officially no longer have any Santa believers in our household. It was time, definitely (Asher is 10, almost 11 and in 5th grade)…. but it still feels like a milestone. Like the boys are “all grown up now”. Here’s how it went down: Asher and I went in the…

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Thanksgiving 2020 is in the books. I love the fall-winter holidays so much that I actually get a bit sad when they are over. It just seems the whole season flies by every year…Halloween is over, now Thanksgiving. Now we are just down to Christmas! (and New Year’s, which is nice, but not a holiday we celebrate in a big…

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