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Mother’s Day and back to Today’s 3 Things

I had a very nice Mother's Day!! It was pretty low key and felt just about right. Unfortunately, the plans with my own mother had to be pushed back to next weekend, but we did get to spend time with my mother-in-law. (She goes back to Mexico in about 2 weeks, so time is running… Continue reading Mother’s Day and back to Today’s 3 Things

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Christmas week

And just like that, it's December 20th! It's Christmas week. Love these cool wooden Advent calendars! (Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash) Here's a little rundown of where we sit: 🌲 Kids are officially on winter break! They have an extended, two full weeks off this year (originally planned when they had been in-person). 🌲Still… Continue reading Christmas week

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Productivity Series #3: To-Do List Management

The to-do list. The most infamous of all lists. 😉 I have had my fair share of struggles over the years figuring out HOW the heck to manage all of the things I have to do in my life. When the boys were little, I used notebooks a lot and would write long, ongoing to-do… Continue reading Productivity Series #3: To-Do List Management

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The randomness of my to-do lists

Happy, happy Monday, all! I had a fairly open weekend (only real "obligation" was Ethan's soccer game Saturday), so I came into it Friday night full of all kinds of aspirations. During my weekly review time on Friday I organized and cleaned up my ongoing to-do/ project list and was excited to hopefully wipe out… Continue reading The randomness of my to-do lists