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The randomness of my to-do lists

Happy, happy Monday, all!

I had a fairly open weekend (only real “obligation” was Ethan’s soccer game Saturday), so I came into it Friday night full of all kinds of aspirations. During my weekly review time on Friday I organized and cleaned up my ongoing to-do/ project list and was excited to hopefully wipe out a bunch of the household items on there this weekend.

As I mentioned, Friday night started out with a bang (the storage room progress). From there, it was kind of all downhill. LOL!

I FELT SO LAZY THIS WEEKEND. Ugh! I don’t know what it was. Maybe the weather??! My Friday night organizing mojo apparently was completely zapped.

After I got home from Ethan’s game on Saturday afternoon, I literally did nothing. Nada. (Unless you count lounging in my bed, watching multiple episodes of The Good Wife in a row.)

Sunday was only slightly better. Well, probably significantly better, but still not great. The morning got a slooooow start. Eventually we did tackle one big looming project- we wanted to completely weed out the boys’ clothing (drawers, closets, etc.). Probably half of the items in their drawers didn’t fit anymore and we needed to take inventory on a few things I know we need to buy for them.

It turned into a whole family affair, with clothing piled everywhere and the boys grudgingly trying things on. End result though = DONE! Their drawers are now perfectly organized and we have a clear list of a few things we still need to pick up heading into winter.

I was just perusing the rest of my ongoing daily to-do list and thinking how oddly random to-do lists are when you have children. Here’s a sampling of some other items on my list for this week:

  • order kids’ school pictures (they had to do the re-take as we were out of town for the original day)
  • schedule ortho appt. (now that insurance is straightened out)
  • order Ethan’s new piano books
  • pay a few invoices from some work we had done at the house
  • drop off my ballot!!
  • hang our deck lights (with Ivan. We got new ones when we got the hot tub but they still aren’t attached permanently)
  • help Asher finish his pumpkin contest
  • help boys choose piano songs for virtual Christmas concert and email music teacher back

All very random, no? But it’s a pretty par for the course list around here. (And, maybe I’m wrong, but I’m 99% sure that at least 80% of these items are literally not even on Ivan’s radar. Ha. 🤨)

Okay, better get moving. Kids will be up in ~15 minutes or so. My fairly lazy weekend included basically 0 photos. I did take Asher swimming at the gym last night while Ivan and Ethan kicked the soccer ball around on the indoor soccer field, followed by a family movie night of Trolls: World Tour. But no photos of the fun.

I’ll leave you with these: a favorite weekend breakfast concoction (eggs with pinto beans simmered in salsa verde with corn tortillas) + our first official “snowfall”! (Thank goodness not much, and it already melted.)

I didn’t want to have to back off on the spiciness in the salsa, so the kids had eggs + beans + turkey hot dog pieces in the tortillas instead!
Real snow! Just a dusting but enough came down that Asher went out and made a snowball. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for email. It can be a double edged sword, but overall, the convenience and ease of organizing it definitely beats old school paper communication in most cases. For me, anyway.

2 thoughts on “The randomness of my to-do lists”

  1. Yum, that spicy breakfast looks sooo good. I miss beans and tortillas so much – they just don’t work for me right now on the GDM diet… But I will make up for it in December when I can eat whatever I want again! 🙂

    I think you got some major, time-intensive things accomplished so way to go on that! Going through kid clothes is a pain. I can’t get our son to try things on. It’s such a battle getting him dressed so getting him to try things on is just a battle I can’t handle – I’m sure he will be more willing to cooperate when he is a little bit older! But I did recently go through his drawers and pack away stuff that he has outgrown so that felt good. And over the weekend, I washed all the NB and 0-3 month clothes so we are all set for when the baby arrives! It was fun to go through those clothes as they brought back a lot of memories from when Paul wore those outfits.

    I am glad you did not get much snow! Phew! We still have some on the ground here, but it’s going to be in the 50s this weekend so it should be gone soon. It snowed most of the day yesterday but it was light so didn’t accumulate. But the feels like temp was 19F – burr. Feels like December or January, not October! I just hope that November is a MUCH better month for weather!


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