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Christmas week

And just like that, it’s December 20th! It’s Christmas week.

Love these cool wooden Advent calendars! (Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash)

Here’s a little rundown of where we sit:

🌲 Kids are officially on winter break! They have an extended, two full weeks off this year (originally planned when they had been in-person).

🌲Still need to wrap gifts! I have not wrapped one, single gift yet. It’s okay though. I always leave this to the end and I don’t mind. I enjoy it, generally. I will be working on this this afternoon. Looking forward to a little alone time, honestly. 🙂

🌲 Today- need to make some more Christmas cookies, too. I have some dough chilling in the fridge to make these (a big favorite at our house). The boys also want to do the sugar cookie cut-outs yet.

🌲We are quite behind on our classic Christmas movie watching! We haven’t watched Home Alone, The Santa Clause or any of those “yearly must watch” movies yet. I’m saving White Christmas for when my parents are here, since I think my Mom wanted to watch it too. My favorite newer one is the 2018 Grinch– so funny! I guess Netflix removed it though now. We recorded it on TV the other night and might watch it tonight.

🌲Still need to pick up some groceries for Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day. Will probably try to do that tomorrow night I think.

Otherwise, I’m feeling pretty good. I do have to work this week but I think we’ll be ready.

I am a big fan of my Christmas Challenge– having just one little thing to look forward to each day has felt very manageable and has ensured these little bits of fun that otherwise can get overlooked.

The concept has made me think it would be a good idea to “schedule” more random, little, fun things like these in throughout the year! It’s nice to have them pre-planned and I think raises the likelihood that we will actually do them.

Otherwise sometimes I’m that person that says, “We should do…..XXX…sometime…”, but then “xxx” never really actually happens. 🙂

Proof of Day #7 in the Christmas Challenge: Drive around town looking at Christmas lights! We did this for almost an hour last night. It was fun! I ended up driving since I knew of some places I wanted to check out, so not many photos. Here’s one though:

photo doesn’t do it justice! It was so pretty.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for memories. I was thinking back on some things this morning and realized how awesome it is that our brains can store countless bits of information for us to access anytime we want.

2 thoughts on “Christmas week”

  1. I have not wrapped any gifts either! I need to get on that. I would have done it before Will was born but I thought Pablo would mess with the gifts. But then Phil brought home a ton from his mom and he has not touched one!! I’m thinking of not wrapping Santa gifts. I know other friends don’t wrap them so might do that to simplify a bit. My arms are rarely empty as Will likes to be held a lot during the day so unless I put him in the carrier, it will be a little tough to wrap. Phil could hold him of course but he settles better with me since he knows my smell sooo well with all the BF’ing time we spend together!!!


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