Highs, lows and life lessons

Hello! I’m back again. Asher had another swim meet out of town this past weekend (actually, in my HOME TOWN and versus the swim team that I swam for briefly in elementary school). We stayed with my parents to avoid driving back and forth. It was a great weekend overall. Like last time, pretty relaxing. Lots of just hanging around,…

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Wednesdays, Wisdom

Wisdom Wednesday- #modestyfail :)

Well, what did I say? Election day came and went, and what do you know…..HERE COMES THE SUN AGAIN! 😉 The world is indeed still turning!! Granted, we don’t have a result yet. But, I’ll go out on a limb here and predict an identical view from my sunroom window tomorrow at 5:55 a.m. And the next day. And the…

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Books, Deep thoughts

Everybody is interesting

Last night I was sitting and reading my current non-fiction choice (You’re Not Listening: What You’re Missing and Why it Matters), and a couple of lines stood out to me that I wanted to share. “Everybody is interesting if you ask the right questions.” -Kate Murphy, p. 40 I had to stop reading for a second and think about this.…

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