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Wisdom Wednesday- #modestyfail :)

Well, what did I say? Election day came and went, and what do you know…..HERE COMES THE SUN AGAIN! 😉 The world is indeed still turning!! Granted, we don’t have a result yet. But, I’ll go out on a limb here and predict an identical view from my sunroom window tomorrow at 5:55 a.m. And the next day. And the…

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Wisdom Wednesday

 I love fables. I think they are such an amazing way to share a lesson. I ran across two recently that I thought were awesome, so I’m going to share those today. I also posted my personal favorite fable back on Cinco de Mayo here if you want more. 🙂  #1: “You never really know for sure..” (Quoted from Solve…

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What day is it

 I am so confused right now, I don’t even know what day it is.  I seriously just woke up, sat down at my desk and thought, “I think I’ll write a “What are you Wednesday” post today. That sounds like fun.” (I’ve done a few of these, where you just list what you’re currently loving, bummed about, having for dinner,…

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Wednesdays, Work

“What’s your policy on Wednesdays?”

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s my day off….oh wait. Nope, flex days are over!! Ha. I’m not complaining- I am very grateful overall to be back to full time hours and pay this week. But hey, it was nice while it lasted! Can’t say I didn’t enjoy having Wednesdays off for the last 8 weeks. It reminds me of this scene…

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It’s Wednesday

What’s happening? How’s your Wednesday shaping up? I really feel like this week is flying by. The boys have piano lessons on Thursdays and I feel like it was just Thursday, and now it is going to be Thursday again tomorrow already. Yikes. I guess time flies either way- when I’m really busy, or when I’m really not. I had my half day…

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