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What are you Wednesday? (and, Happy Earth Day!)

Happy Earth Day, World. 

Today I am going to do a fun little post inspired by something I saw on another blog recently, but first I just want to take a quick moment to say Happy Earth Day. Now, I will admit this is not a holiday that we really generally “celebrate” in our household. But, considering that the boys are home with me today, I think we are going to spend some time talking about it. Maybe we’ll find a documentary on Netflix or a special on TV or something to watch too. (On a related note, I have also been itching to watch that documentary about Jane Goodall with the boys; I think it’s on Disney +. I need to look it up).

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have been working our way through a book about Extreme Space Missions. The book includes some cool descriptions and photos of space, the moon and Earth from space. There is something about looking up at space that really gets me- whenever we are on vacation, on a beach at night, listening to the sound of the waves and looking up at the sky filled with stars….I always get this rush over me of like, awareness I guess you could call it of how insignificant I am in the vast universe. I’m a tiny little speck. It always puts my life in perspective and makes me remember (at least for a moment) how small, and ultimately fleeting, my problems are, in the grand scheme of things. 
One thing I want to have the boys do is some research on the idea of water conservation. We recently had some firsthand experience with this on our trip to see my in-laws in Mexico. They live in a city, but still do NOT have “unlimited” water (and especially not unlimited hot water as we seem to here at home for the most part). The boys were surprised and a little frustrated, honestly, by the fact that when they showered, if they wanted hot water the entire time they needed to turn the water off while they lathered up. Showers were also in and out- shampoo, soap, lather, rinse, get out. It is a far cry from the luxurious, long, hot showers we often enjoy at home. My mother-in-law has to wait to wash her clothes until the “water comes in”- they only get it at certain times of the week and she has to fill a huge tank with a hose which is then piped up to be used for the showers, washing, etc. Washing dishes at the sink means you turn the water off while scrubbing the dishes, then turning it back on only to rinse. Once the water is gone, it’s gone! 

At home we are so fortunate to have a seemingly endless supply of water. We can drink our tap water, we can take baths, showers, wash one load of laundry after another…It’s something we really take for granted. The experience in Mexico (which really wasn’t even bad compared to many places in the world- they have running water, hot water in the house, normal indoor plumbing, etc.) was eye-opening I hope for them. I know it always is for me, and I’ve been there many times. That’s why I love traveling with my kids. It helps show them that our way is not the only way! And I hope it helps them appreciate how blessed we are in this country! 

If you want to take a little pause today to reflect on Earth Day, check out this amazing slideshow I ran across online. It includes 80 photos of incredible places around the Earth! Click here to see it: Earth Day GallerySome of my favorites include #26- Galapagos, #27- Norway, #33- Sichuan Province, China, #58 -Salzburg in autumn, #64- a sea turtle in the Philippines. 

Okay, well that turned into a longer little bit about Earth Day than I intended (weird, I know. I am usually so succinct 😉 I will keep the rest of this to the point! Now onto my fun little “What are you Wednesday” post: 

What are you…..

Reading? Still working on both Cazando a El Chapo and Finding Grace that I mentioned last week. Just haven’t been prioritizing reading a ton and two books at once always makes it take a long time to finish them!

Watching? “The Good Wife” on Amazon Prime with Ivan. We’ve never watched a “legal” show before and it’s been fun. Also, Chris Noth is in it (AKA “Big” from Sex in the City). He will forever be Big to me, no matter what role he plays, from now until forever. 🙂 

Wearing? Black Nike leggings and a blue Adidas workout tank! Workout is up next.

Having for dinner? Not positive but I think maybe going to make Caldo de Camaron. (a spicy shrimp soup with potatoes and carrots). Ivan picked up some shrimp at the grocery store last night. 

Happy about today? I think just that we have re-worked our school schedule a little bit and I have been able to get some more work done during the kids’ school time which has been nice. 

Bummed about today? Got an email yesterday that the hospital I work for is starting to cut pay for many positions and also may be starting to flex/ furlough people. I have no information yet about how/ if this will directly affect me. Could be really bad, potentially, so I’m stressing. Trying to wait to worry though until I know more. 

Needing to accomplish today? Just mostly want to get my work done. I also want to spend some time on my inbox since some emails have piled up. 

Doing for a workout today? Planning to 21 Day Fix Extreme Day 2: Upper and the 10 min bonus Core workout.

Having for breakfast? Haven’t eaten yet. Not sure, maybe will eat up a hardboiled egg and have some peanut butter toast in a little while. 

Doing for fun today? Probably nothing too exciting…I’ve been enjoying a quick morning walk with Ivan. I’d like to read for a while later if I can. Like I said, maybe watch an Earth Day show with the boys!

Missing the most today? I think just stability. I’m getting so tired of all of the unknowns and things constantly changing. I just want normal life back.

Drinking in the morning? Black tea, Twinings English breakfast.

Drinking in the evening? Usually just either more tea but sometimes switch to Peppermint herbal tea or Vanilla Caramel or Cinnamon black tea. Or a Canada Dry Black Cherry sparkling water with popcorn if we watch a movie!

Listening to? Not sure if this means music or just in general? I usually listen to Laura Vanderkam’s “Before Breakfast” or “The New Corner Office” podcast at some point in the mornings. Later while I work I usually either just listen to the rainforest sounds on my Forest productivity app. If I put music on, my go to Pandora station is one called “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” (the song). It then plays a nice mix of sort of reggae or kind of easy listening type music which I like while I work. 

Grateful for? I’ll end with this one!

Daily Gratitude:
Today I am grateful for water! I am grateful that we have clean, fresh water available to us in our home. I am grateful that we have a huge hot water tank and practically limitless hot water. I’m grateful for our plumbing, that we have toilets we can flush. I’m grateful our water is safe to drink and cook with! It’s so easy to just open the tap and think the water appears magically. I’m grateful for all the work that has to go into giving us this clean water too. 

*What are you all doing on this Wednesday?? Pick a couple from above and let me know 🙂 
*What are you doing for Earth Day? Anything? Give me an idea!! 

2 thoughts on “What are you Wednesday? (and, Happy Earth Day!)”

  1. Traveling to another country that is more 3rd world/less advanced really gives you perspective on how good we have it. I experienced that when I visited my friend in the Peace Corp in the Dominican Republic back in 2006. The prior Peace Corp volunteer's project was to bring running water to the village she lived in. But it was not hot as they had no electricity. So showers were BRIEF! Her project was to get stoves constructed in the villagers homes so they wouldn't have to cook over an open fire! I was very grateful for hot water! And electricity!Something I'm happy about today is the nicer weather. It's 60 and sunny which does wonders for my mood!!Sorry to hear about the potential cut in pay/furloughs. That is happening to so many healthcare workers. My SIL is an OT and has been furloughed until at least May. My sister works in quality assurance at a hospital in Tucson, AZ and she was asked if she wanted to go on a voluntary unpaid sabbatical. She said no and so far hasn't been asked again. But she works on the hospital's covid reporting and another covid-related project so hopefully her job is safe. These are such weird times and it feels like there is no end in sight. 😦


  2. Absolutely. I always kind of wish I could have done a Peace Corps experience or something like that. I traveled to Mexico and Guatemala though in college and had some amazing experiences too in some remote areas. What a cool project your friend did! And yes, the nursing/ healthcare thing is not good. I'm just praying somehow this passes quickly…My nurse data analyst job isn't related to COIVD operations OR direct patient care, so I'm really nervous about it all.


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