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What day is it

 I am so confused right now, I don’t even know what day it is. 

I seriously just woke up, sat down at my desk and thought, “I think I’ll write a “What are you Wednesday” post today. That sounds like fun.” (I’ve done a few of these, where you just list what you’re currently loving, bummed about, having for dinner, whatever.)

I started jotting down a few notes, and then realized that it’s not Wednesday. Today is Thursday. 

Whoops. I think I’m totally thrown off by the fact that the boys didn’t have school on Monday and Tuesday. It felt like a “short” week, except I worked and they didn’t…and then they started back to school yesterday (on Wednesday).

Well, what’s in a name. Or a day. Nevertheless, I will still share a few “what are you” items with you and pretend it’s Wednesday again. 🙂 

What are you…

Grateful for? 

The kids back in school!! The sound of silence yesterday while I worked was amaaaaaazing. 

BYE!!!!! 😉 

Loving right now?

My new fall soaps from Bath and Body Works!! I get these every season. They’re the only hand soaps we use. I especially love the fall and Christmas ones.

Bummed about right now?

Honestly, nothing really pops into my mind. I’m not going to force it and go looking for something! I’m in a good mood this morning and am looking forward to another quiet, productive workday! 

Having for dinner?

I’m making a chicken parmesan dish with a side of pasta and a salad. Chicken is already thawing. 🙂

Listening to?

I just finished listening to an episode of a new podcast I ran across called “friends on FIRE“. It’s a personal finance podcast that seems geared toward people that aren’t “money experts” (like me!). So far I thought it seemed fun and relatable. I think the hosts are into the “FIRE” movement (Financial Independence/ Retire Early) which I don’t know too much about, but I may peruse their episode list and see what I can learn!

Doing tonight?

Not sure yet! Asher has dryland training for swim and Ethan has soccer practice. Hopefully the chicken parmesan can get eaten by us all together at some point, too. 

We’ve been settling into a new little “hot tub” routine that most nights we go in around ~9:00 p.m. Last night Ethan joined us, sometimes it’s just me and Ivan, sometimes all 4 of us. If the kids get to bed no later than 9:30, Ivan and I can still squeeze in one episode of our show too before it gets too late for me. I’ve been waking up a little later right now and just enjoying the hot tub + TV time at night and trying to not stress about getting to bed as early. 

Okay gotta go. Only downside to waking up later is that my mornings get short. I’ve been waking up later, PLUS I now need to make sure the kids are up and out by around 7:30ish. Which means I should go wake them up….now. Have a great day!

Daily Gratitude: 

See above! Definitely the kids being back in school takes the cake this week. 

3 thoughts on “What day is it”

  1. sounds like a fun format for a blog post! I'll do that :)I totally get the concussion with the days, especially when we were hard lockdown at home, everyday felt the same.


  2. I can see how your week is off with the kids going back to school on Wednesday (I think? I think they had Mon-Tues off). It's hard to keep track of the days of the week after a holiday week, too. Although I'd had the opposite problem and thought it was a day later in the week than it actually was. I'm happy it is Friday! 🙂 I love my job but I really love my weekends. Your evening routine sounds really fun!! See, that hot tub was the best purchase!!


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