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Watching, and an even BETTER cardio option!?

This year I had decided that I wanted to keep an ongoing list of shows and movies we watch. Why? No reason really. But just like I keep a running list of books I read, it’s kind of fun to look back and see what we watched!

(When I mentioned on January 1st that I was going to start recording everything we watch, Ivan said, “Don’t you have anything better to do???” 😆)

January Shows and Movies Watched:

  • Series: Finished “Younger” (Hulu) with Ivan- 1/15/23
  • Movie: The Swimmers (Netflix) with family- 1/7/23 (Great movie! Based on true story.)
  • Movie: Hustle (Netflix) with Ivan- 1/14/23 (Also really liked!)
  • Movie: The Man From Toronto (Netflix) with Ivan- 1/15/23 (Really funny, but silly.)
  • Series: Started Manifest (Netflix) 1/23/23 with Ivan, and Ethan has joined us for 2 of 4 episodes. (Like a lot so far! Not our usual lighter/ comedy dramas- more intense/mystery/action, but very good.)
  • Movie: Me Time (Netflix) with Ivan- 1/28/23. (With Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg). Funny/ also a silly comdy, but fun. 🙂
  • Series: Limitless (Disney+) with family. Watched 1st episode as a family 1/28/23. (With Chris Hemsworth, aka THOR. A reality type show where he explores the idea of life longevity and undergoes various experiments and tests in a quest to learn how to better maximize his health and life.) We all liked it.

I feel like this was a good month of watching!! Sometimes when we get really into series, we can go long stretches without ever watching any movies. But movies are so great, too!

There are several in the theater I want to go see too (I Wanna Dance with Somebody (which I think I might have missed! Not sure it’s showing anymore…. shoot.) and A Man Called Otto.


Remember how I posted about my newly discovered cardio option (Apple+ Fitness Dance videos!)? Well, I’m still loving those, but I also realized the other day that there is a possibly even better cardio option for me!!

The stationary bike…. while reading a book!

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this. If I ride the bike (not the more upright, spinning bike, but this kind):

I can pedal while still easily holding my book! I never seem to have enough time in my life to read, so this is a win-win! I rode for 30 minutes both Friday and Sunday. My heart was up in the 130s at least the whole time, and I read a bunch of my book. It was great.

Not going to give up the dance videos, but I love this option. I’m excited to now have found two cardio options that I truly enjoy, besides my beloved weight training. 🙂

I couldn’t believe one of the main cardio areas at the gym was EMPTY on Saturday evening at 5:53 p.m. I like that the recumbent bikes are in the front row, looking out the window.

And finally, can you believe that last night we had to submit one of Ethan’s baby photos for the 8th grade graduation video?!? 😭

Ethan at just over a year and a half!

They also asked for a few photos from the virtual learning days:

1st day of 6th grade, 2020
switching up his learning station 😉

Hard to believe the pandemic started at the end of his 5th grade year and has now spanned his entire middle school years…. Thank God this school year has been totally normal.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a good, relaxing, and productive weekend.

6 thoughts on “Watching, and an even BETTER cardio option!?”

  1. Awww, look at Ethan as a cute little toddler!! So sweet!

    You guys have watched a lot of great stuff! We watched Fleishman is in trouble on Hulu. I liked it more than Phil but I had read the book. It is NOT PG, though! Over the weekend, we started a documentary on Netflix about Bernie Madoff. We LOVE stuff like that. It’s really fascinating since we work in this industry. It’s bonkers that he got away with what he did!

    Riding a bike while reading is a nice way to get some reading done. Back when I went to the gym, I would read while biking or using the elliptical. I could NEVER ready while using the treadmill. I would have fallen off for sure! But I saw people doing it and wondered – how???


  2. it’s funny what Ivan said… I am actually doing something similar, to be more intentional of watching more movies. so this post comes timely. I loved swimmers too, watched with the girls.
    stationary bike? great idea if you can keep your heart rate at 130. I don’t like it and I wish I could read while running. usually I listen to podcast when running which is also a learning opportunity.
    and look how much. Ethan has changed over the years. I could not have guessed that’s him, so cute.


  3. You guys have watched some great shows/movies. I watch so very little compared to other people…. for me it’s like your example with the recumbent bike and reading… unless I multitask, I don’t get to do a lot of things that I want to do. (Can I get some more hours in my day?)

    Those pictures of Ethan are so cute. I think he looks a lot like Ivan as a toddler (even though I haven’t seen any photos of Ivan as a kid). 🙂


  4. Oh my goodness, what a sweet baby face! So wild how fast the time passes!

    Hooray for discovering the joy of the stationary bike! I am super envious. We have one but for some reason it hurts my lower back to operate it. I am such a baby!

    I love that you are tracking your movies/TV. If there were a Goodwatch app (like Goodreads, but for TV/movies) I would track it too, but I am too lazy otherwise. We just started The Last of Us on HBO which is SO good (but extremely stressful).


    1. Suzanne!!! You’re a genius! Let’s make a Goodwatch app- that’s brilliant!! If I had the foggiest idea how to make an app, I would totally go in on that project with you. 😉 Could be our claim to fame. 😉


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