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3 Things Thursday

1. Something I’m happy about/ proud of:

Asher decided to give open water swimming another try! He did a 1.2 mile lake swim race last summer, which he was really nervous about it but did it. This season, his swim team has some lake practices and a couple open water events on the calendar, but Asher had pretty firmly said he did NOT want to do any open water this year.

His reasons ranged from “I don’t like seeing fish while I’m swimming” to “it’s creepy” to “I don’t like looking down into blackness”.

Yesterday was supposed to be the first open water practice, and he had said he was going to do the optional regular pool practice instead.

But about 2 hours before the practice, he changed his mind! He said he would give the open water practice a try. So, off we went to the lake and he did it. 🙂

Not sure he LOVED it, but it seems like he is considering trying the Open Water State meet, in a lake (which he has a qualifying time for) at the end of June. Hoping he does, because I think it’s cool to try new and challenging things!!!

my view from a picnic table while waiting for him last night

2. Something I’m really annoyed with:

I have had multiple meetings this week scheduled, and they have all been either cancelled or rescheduled- many times just minutes before they are supposed to start. In fact, I have also had the reschedules be rescheduled.

This is super annoying. My job is flexible and it’s not exactly that I “can’t” reschedule or am unavailable. It’s just the fact that I plan my day around these meeting times, make sure I’m free/ available and then….it’s cancelled. Then when you factor in all the reschedules, it ends up essentially disrupting my schedule multiple times, instead of just once.

So. freaking. annoying!!!

I think Cal Newport would greatly object to this.

3. Something I’m liking today:

This quote-

“Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.” Spirit says, “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.” -Marianne Williamson

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for Ibuprofen because I have a killer headache and just popped a couple of them. Hoping they start working soon…

6 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday”

  1. I get frustrated with reschedules too. I’m similar to you – flexible diary but arrange things around those appointments. Most of mine are by phone and I often will have 4 a day and not a single pick up, so I leave voicemails but then those calls need to be rescheduled and end up making other days busier… if I have 10 calls like that a week and four don’t go ahead, that’s 14 to fit in the next week, etc.

    Well done to Asher! I can’t say I’d fancy an open water swim, all of his earlier reasons sound valid to me! LOL


  2. I hate last minute rescheduling, very very annoying and not respectful of other people’s time. I love the quote, it’s all about mental state how we perceive the world around us


  3. Last minute reschedulings drive me crazy, too. Especially when I’ve planned my day around them. I used to hate it when I’d have lunch w/ someone scheduled for a day and then would get to work and they’d cancel. Had I known they were going to cancel, I would have brought my lunch (I typically only bought lunch when I had social plans).

    Good for Asher for trying open water swimming. I know it can really freak a person out, especially if they haven’t done a lot of lake swimming. I started swimming across a local lake when I trained for a triathlon and Phil started to join me. He liked it so much that he kept doing it but he did say it does mess with your mind sometimes. I never had any issues because I grew up going to a lake place every weekend so 95% of my swimming happened in a lake, often in deep water. But it was a very clean lake which I much preferred to some of the murkier water in our local lakes in Minneapolis!

    That said, one evening Phil went to swim and him and a guy next to him thought they saw a dog out in front of them which they thought was odd. Then they figured out it was a musky or some other large fish. That freaked him out a bit, but not enough to keep him from swimming across the lake that night!


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