My all time favorite travel item

Yesterday I received a package from Eddie Bauer containing the brand new travel bag I ordered! It’s the exact same one I have had for years now, just a nice, clean, updated one.

I have to share about this bag because it is AMAZING. It’s one of the few products I own that I’m so, so happy I found!! It works so great for me whenever we travel (especially city/ tourist style destinations).

It’s the Eddie Bauer Connect Tech Travel Bag, currently on sale for $24.50!

It comes in black, carbon/grey or this burgundy color.

For me, it’s the perfect size to be a purse but still large enough to fit a travel book, phone, snacks, maps, hand sanitizer, etc. in it. I once even rolled up a lightweight shirt and fit it inside too. I can fit a LOT in the various compartments.

I will store money, IDs, or even my small travel wallet in the little interior zip pocket if I’m in a “pickpocket heavy” area.

I love the various zip pockets so that I can have my phone accessible but zipped away (like at a museum or busy street). And I love this little inside zip area for bandaids, pens, hand sanitizer, eye drops, whatever:

The back pocket is my go to place for sticking maps that I will be referencing very frequently (I used this at Disney World and would stick the park map in there so I didn’t have to unzip the bag all the time).

Anyway, if you are in the market for a new travel purse/ bag- try this one!! I love it so much. I love the thick, adjustable straps too since I always wear it cross-body. It is just the best!! It is slightly padded and super durable, and easy to just spot clean.

Here is “the bag” accompanying me in Venice (actually, this was on the island of Murano- still part of Venice though).

Here it was enjoying some gelato in San Gimignano, Italy:

Literally, this bag is in every. single. one. of my travel photos from the last few years!! It’s like Where’s Waldo. 😂😂

Do you have a favorite, must have travel accessory??

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for this bag still being around so I could order a new one. Mine was sooooo well used that it just looked dirty/ grungy after all this time. So, I’m glad I could just order a replacement! I had a $10 certificate for Eddie Bauer, so it was the perfect time to get it, too.

3 thoughts on “My all time favorite travel item”

  1. Wow, that is a super cute and functional bag. Love seeing it in your travel photos, too! Bet those pictures make you ache for travel! I will have to keep this in mind when we start to travel again – I love cross-body bags like that but haven’t found one I really liked in the past.

    I’m trying to think of a travel essential right now and am coming up blank since we are in such a different travel stage! So I guess I will say our Baby Bjorn travel crib. A friend at work suggested we go this route v the typical pack and play. It is way more compact and light than the Graco type of pack and plays so it’s a cinch to travel with it. It was way more pricey but worth the money spent – and someone bought it for us off our registry so the higher price didn’t seem to deter people from buying it!


  2. Oh! I need this! It’s so much like this bag I LOVED from Eagle Creek that I had about 20 years ago. Seriously, this is the closest approximation to it that I have seen! I will be hunting one down for myself – thank you so much for sharing!!! 🙂


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