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Sunday gratitude

A Sunday gratitude brain dump:

  • We got to watch Ethan’s soccer game last night, and my parents met us there. He scored the first goal of the game and it was a beautiful one. I’m grateful no one blinked, looked away, accidentally missed it, etc. 🙂 (Every parent with kids in sports knows what I mean?? Why does this always seem to happen?! Haha.)
  • Grateful for warmer weather coming this way this week- like 70’s and maybe even 80!!
  • I’m happy to have nowhere to go today so I can get a few things done and just enjoy the day here. Grateful for the small, (masked) swim carpool that SAVES my life from having to drive Asher to all 4 practices/ week (saves hours of my week, since practices are all being held out of town- 20-30 minutes away).
  • I’m grateful for reading. I can’t believe, looking back, how little I read between probably my college years (2001-2006) and a couple years ago. It’s like I had it in my head that I was “too busy” with babies/work/life to read. I’m so annoyed with the time I missed!! How many more books I could have read! There is time! There is always time for what we want to do. 🙂
  • Grateful for the new book I’m reading, The Giver of Stars, set in post-Depression America in the mountains of Kentucky.
  • I’m grateful for the show This is Us! I’ve been loving watching this many nights with Ivan. So good, so many great topics, so fun to watch. I look forward to every episode. (For anyone wondering, we did finally find out how Jack died…a while ago now. That episode was every bit as heart wrenching as I feared/hoped it might be. 🙂 )
  • Grateful for: birds!!!! I feel the birds around here are singing louder than ever before this year!! I love their songs. Sunshine, flowers, the smell of spring. (Though sitting with chattering teeth in drizzling, 50 degree rain at the soccer game last night, I was again reassured as to why I dislike spring in Wisconsin so much…just sayin’….). Excited for a taste of “real” spring this week.

Thought of the Day:

It’s up to you to see the good in every day.

New book. Have you read it? Loving so far, but not super optimistic on my chances of finishing by tomorrow night’s book club…. 😬😑

2 thoughts on “Sunday gratitude”

  1. Yes to all the reading 🙂 I’m thinking about experimenting with daily gratitude journaling in May as a wind down from the day activity. Days and moments when I stop to find the good make me see the big picture again.


  2. I LOVED that book! I am glad you are enjoying it, too. It was one of those books where I was sad when it ended because I loved the characters so much! I’m glad you’ve been able to fit reading back into your life. There are seasons of life where it’s tough to fit things in so don’t be too hard on yourself. I have not exercised as much as I would like since having Paul but I am working to fix that now that I’m WFH. It’s way easier to fit in when I can do it during a quiet time of the day versus before or after work. Before work is just not desirable to me in these more exhausting and demanding phases of parenting but someday it will be easier to workout before work! Like in 3 years maybe??? I’m not the 5am riser like you and prefer to get up around 6 if possible!

    I don’t like this ‘spring’ weather either. I had to wear a wintery dress yesterday because I had to wear tights or I would have froze since it was in the 30s and I tend to feel cold even when it’s nice out! The rain/snow held off until after everyone left, though, and then there were tons of snowflakes in the air for awhile there. Spring is so weird in this part of the country. I am glad it is warming up, though!


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