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New month usually means new goals. Well, this month I don’t have any. This is currently how my monthly page in my notebook looks:

Oh well. I’ll probably write something down, but I didn’t do the best on November’s goals so I can realistically just flip back a page and keep going…Ha. Basically this month though my goal is just to be ready for Christmas Eve by December 24th and have fun getting there. 🙂

That being said, I do have a few topics that have been floating around in my head that I’m interested in maybe delving into more in 2021. (I’m sure I’ll make some official 2021 goals, but these are just a few things that I’d like to take a deeper dive into at some point in the near future.)

1. New planner– I went ahead and finally pulled the trigger and ordered the Wonderland 222 A5 planner and accessory notebook system. It should be arriving any day now! (Apparently they are now sold out!! Glad I ordered when I did.) I’m feeling a little nervous about switching systems since my current system works well overall. But I love the idea of the more compact books/ paper for long term storage, and it looks like a really good fit for my style of planning, tracking and journaling. Next up- figuring out if I need a cover for it/finding one + buying the right pens for the Tomoe River paper. Then, setting it all up!!

2. Intermittent Fasting– This is a topic I keep hearing so much about. I’ve known about it for a long time and very half-heartedly attempted it one summer too. I don’t know that I actually want to DO intermittent fasting necessarily, but I am just feeling really intrigued by it and want to learn more about the health benefits surrounding it. If you’ve ever tried it OR can recommend any books on the topic, let me know! I have heard that people that do IF often say they experience much greater clarity of mind/ focus and also can get away from that feeling of “needing to eat” all the time (which I feel like is ME 100%. I am literally always hungry and tend to eat at the first sign of hunger, too…which is probably not the best habit).

3. Spending Tracking– We have a pretty detailed tracking spreadsheet for our finances, but it operates in a more retrospective fashion. It’s great for seeing big pictures after the fact, keeping on top of accounts/monthly bills, organizing everything at the end of the month, etc. But it’s not so great for knowing our “in the moment” current state (i.e. it’s December 14th, how much have we spent on Eating Out/ Clothing/ XXX this month SO FAR). We don’t operate on a strict monthly budget really so it works out okay, but I’m sure we could do better. Years ago I used Mint.com to track our spending and I liked the system overall. I want to look into maybe attempting something like that again for the new year- probably in conjunction with our current system. (Something easy, quick, and not time consuming.) Suggestions welcome.

Photos: My parents came for Asher’s birthday yesterday and my Mom and the boys set up our Christmas village!!! My Dad gave me one of these beautiful houses many years as a girl. I love it!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for Asher’s birthday being a huge success. He said at bedtime, “This was the best birthday EVER!!” Recap to come tomorrow. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Thinking about”

  1. Hi Kae,
    Just wanted to let you know that I have been doing intermittent fasting for over a year. I’m not a fanatic about it but since I work at home it’s a great way to keep from “snacking” from the time I get up until the time I go to bed. I’ve been using this app called zero calories or something like that. I don’t particularly like the app but it does track how I’ve been doing over the past week, and provides a timer to let me know when my 16 hours of fasting is up. I find that between the trying to eat low carb and IF that I have had a much easier time maintaining my weight, I do find myself feeling a lot better when it comes to thinking clearly and I haven’t had so much as a headache for as long as I can remember. I usually stop eating right after dinner (about 630 which is another plus) and basically skip breakfast. I was tracking BGL and Ketones for a while and found it helpful. It is a lot easier for me since I don’t have others around wanting to eat but would definitely recommend it. I also find if I have a bit of a bad eating streak (like vacation) it is so easy to get back down to my regular weight within a few days.
    I also use Mint.com but have become less satisfied with it recently. The main credit card I use for some reason will not connect which sort of defeats the purpose. It had worked fine up until about 2 months ago. I am looking at switching to something else. But it’s nice to have one place to go to check balances and ensure that checks aren’t going to bounce.
    Happy holidays!


    1. Eric, thanks so much for this comment!! That’s all so interesting. I have heard that IF works really well for many people. The low carb part would be hard for me…. I love carbs!! Haha. But I know many people swear by that too. I mean, really I think whatever helps people maintain in their desired calorie range is the main key- but the IF probably helps a lot by just reducing the opportunities to eat! I could see myself doing it if I lived alone, but feel like it would be complicated with my kids/family wanting to eat together, especially in non Covid times, going out, etc. But I have thought about maybe trying it during the workweek or something when I’m more in control of my eating patterns. I’ll be interested to learn more! I’m curious about all of the science behind it too. Glad you are having success with it! Thanks again for the comment.


  2. Ok. we need to start a chat group on IF. I’ve been trying it november and I have so much to share. hahah… maybe I’ll write a post about it once it’s settled down.
    I do it for anti-aging purpose as it has been showed to be beneficial in many biomarkers and no controversy about it. So I’m giving it a shot. I started with 14 hrs as I usually workout empty stomach, then for the last week I’ve reached to 16 hrs without side effects. so happy to share experience. I’ve had stomach pain, weakness, fatigue, headache, shaking, all sorts of side effects at first. but now it’s getting easier. I basically finish eating dinner around 6pm, and have first small meal around 10 or 10:30am, and then full breakfast or lunch meal 30-60 min later. that’s what’s currently working for me. you’ll have to try different ways to find yours. but, not so much to read about it other than it’s fantastic!!!
    there’s a podcast called intermittent fasting, you can listen to it for some insights.
    I also like it because it’s simple to follow once your body adapts to it, not very complicated and can do anywhere.
    super exciting to know your experience.


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