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Planner regret??

So, my new Wonderland 222 planner and notebook arrived yesterday. Yay! I was excited to see the package on my doorstep.

But. As soon as I opened it, I started to get nervous. It is TINY compared to my normal planner & notebook!!

My current planner on the left, new one on the right

This shouldn’t have been a surprise, since I knew I was ordering the “A5″ size (which is the larger of the two options, actually!). I am new to the stationary world, so I had no idea what A5 vs B6 even meant initially. A5 is basically like a 5″x8” size. I guess I didn’t exactly realize how small that was though compared to my current system.

For many purposes the size of it doesn’t matter, but I am VERY VERY concerned about the monthly, master calendar page being that small. In the new planner, it looks like this:

It may be difficult to discern in the photo, but the squares are way smaller than in my current Blue Sky planner (like maybe half the size?!). This is where I keep track of soccer practices/games, swim practices, meets, lessons, appointments, school events, etc. My monthly calendar usually (in normal times especially) is FULL and looks like my pen exploded on it. I generally have multiple entries listed on most days, often times with details (like, location and field for soccer game.)

I just have serious doubts that I will be able to fit everything here. Waaahhhh! This is causing me some serious anxiety. I don’t write that small, either.

The rest of the planner is great, overall. I love that it has a built in habit tracker, monthly goals pages, quarterly overviews, and more. The accompanying notebook will be perfect for my “Highlight Journal”. It looks like this:

The notebook has 365 of these undated pages, so I can use one for each day of the year. Perfect. HOWEVER- what I really wish is that the notebook included all of the additional planning pages too (instead of being in the planner). I’d love a notebook that combines the habit tracker, lists, goals pages, etc. all in one, so that my planner could then just be the master monthly pages + the weekly layout only. That would be my ideal system (basically what I have now, but better paper and much more compact).

I don’t love the idea of carrying around my yearly goals, personal dreaming lists, etc. in my purse! Some of that stuff feels pretty private. I’d prefer it stayed home in my desk drawer.

Anyway, I don’t know. I’m feeling unsure about it all. This was a splurge purchase for me (~$70 total for both!). And now I’m afraid that it’s going to be one of those things that everyone else in the world loves but just doesn’t work for me. (Like, mayonnaise. Or salad dressings. Or beer.)

It is a cute little set:

I WANT it to work! So I guess we’ll see. Maybe with some time I’ll figure out a way to tweak it to be right for me. I’ll also admit, I’m not the best with change, so that may be playing a minor role here too.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for SLEEP. I mentioned yesterday I was tired out after this busy week. Last night I feel asleep by 9 pm and didn’t wake up until 7:15 this morning!

7 thoughts on “Planner regret??”

  1. Could you keep using the Blue Sky for your monthly/weekly planning, and then use the Wonderland 222 for goals/big picture things that you could leave in your desk? Maybe that’s too many notebooks? There’s also all the blank pages at the back of the planner, so maybe you could put the daily pages in there for now? I just got the planner for the Wonderland 222 because I couldn’t quite bring myself to splurge on both books, but I figure I can always order a notebook to go with it later if I use up all the pages at the end. So far, I really like it, but I’ve definitely had planner regret before with planners being too small!


    1. I thought that too, maybe.. but that would kind of defeat the purpose of trying go condense my system! I spent some time thinking about it all yesterday and I think that if I lean more on the weekly pages to list details, it will be okay. After playing around with it, I’m feeling a lot better and actually pretty hopeful that it will be a good system for me!


  2. i don’t write so small either that’s why i prefer open bullet journal so I can write however I want hahahah…. but give it a try. sometimes if we really want something we need to honour the eager and give it a try. it won’t work always but we just need to know by trying.
    glorious sleep! I came to realise my quality of sleep determines everything!!!!


  3. Would you want to keep your master calendar in your phone? I LOVE a paper planner for daily, weekly, monthly tasks, goals, planning, etc but I keep all appointments and extracurriculars on my phone calendar. I separate out my calendar from my planner. I agree that would be way too small to write in everything for a family.


  4. I’m not sure if I could get used to my phone being my master calendar!! It would be a change. 😉 I really love being able to see my whole spread on paper for the month…. I think that by using the weekly spread for details and just listing the very basics in the monthly spread (I.e. Ethan soccer 5:00) it might actually work out. I’m feeling more optimistic but we’ll see!


  5. Oh no! That is a bummer that your initial reaction is that it won’t work for you. Darn! I have a bullet journal right now and I don’t know if it’s A5 or A7? I am a printer and write small so the smaller size works for me and I always have it in my purse so I love the small size. But I can see how that is not ideal for you – especially since you don’t need it to be super portable. You could either return it or resell it? If I was going to use a true planner in 2021 I would buy it from you, but I am holding off until 2022 because the coming year is going to be sort of ‘go with the flow’. Ha.


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