2020 Year in Review

We made it. It is the LAST DAY of 2020. Whoa. I, for one, am most excited because I can fully and officially start using my new planner tomorrow! 😁 What a year, what a year. When I look back, I think…did that just happen? IS THIS still happening?? It is so surreal. Yet, if there’s one thing I know,…

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Goals, Productivity


My Aunt shared this photo on Facebook yesterday (shared originally from and I thought it was a perfect and fitting image for this time of year! A great reminder when making long term goals. Accomplishments- from my 20 in 2020 List I decided to NOT go through my 20 in 2020 List one by one, because it’s frankly a…

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New Year, Productivity

End of the Year: A To-Do List

After the long holiday weekend, let me just say it feels GOOD to me to be back at my desk before 6 am doing my morning routine. Holidays and vacations are amazing, but I really do miss my beloved mornings when I don’t have them, too. Only 4 more days left in 2020!!!! Wow. I love this little mini-season of…

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