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My Aunt shared this photo on Facebook yesterday (shared originally from frugalfarmwife.com) and I thought it was a perfect and fitting image for this time of year! A great reminder when making long term goals.

Accomplishments- from my 20 in 2020 List

I decided to NOT go through my 20 in 2020 List one by one, because it’s frankly a little bit depressing and not that impressive. 🙂 But I DID complete a decent number of items! See my full lists here and here if you want to cross reference…

🔷Read 5 books from different genres than I might normally read (Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Folklore, Mystery and Classic).

🔷Finally got a real, consistent skincare regimen I’m happy with. (I went to a local Cosmetic Center and had an official consultation and was prescribed medical grade products which I am LOVING currently.)

🔷I planted my garden. (It was pretty mediocre, but at least I did it.)

🔷I cleaned out part of my storage room (though now after the holidays, you wouldn’t guess it…..UGH.)

🔷Got 2 new pair of jeans that I like a lot.

🔷Successfully found and tried TWO new local hikes with the boys!

🔷I started some work on photo organization/backup… but this will be a major goal to complete in 2021. (Getting ALL my digital photos backed up, in the same place vs. several different partial sources. Such a headache to me!!)

🔷I CLEANED OUT MY PERSONAL GMAIL ACCOUNT and developed a sorting/ organizing system that works. This is HUGE. I spent the first couple months of 2020 on this. I was that person who hadn’t deleted an email in years. Not joking, I had 80,000+ emails in there. Now I religiously get my inbox down to 0 every Friday. This was a major accomplishment and it feels amazing. (Kind of can’t believe that I ever managed my email so poorly?? 😬)

🔷Got new sunglasses and a couple new pair of sneakers I needed. (I had considered investing in some “nice” sunglasses this past year. But then I decided, Eh, I’m not really the fancy sunglass type and bought a couple pair from the Loft Outlet for $20. 🙂

🔷FINALLY replaced the old kiddie canvas artwork above our basement rec room couch with something I love….And just this week got a bunch of frames to display some of our travel photos on the basement wall. YES! These two projects had been looming for years and driving me nuts.


-got our kitchen tile picked and installed! (thanks Dad!!)

-Read almost 24 books (hopefully by Thursday….)

-Got new glasses!!! A big to-do item DONE.

-Completed several Beachbody programs (The Work, Barre Blend/ Liift 4 Hybrid and Morning Meltdown 100)

-finally got the kids up to Upper Michigan (a childhood vacation spot of mine and was kind of a short-term “bucket list item” for our family)

-Used my Habit Tracker/ Highlight Journal ALL YEAR, with no missed days or months!! (First time ever with 100% completion)

-Walked outside more days than not (haven’t tallied official count..)

-Became an expert at hot tub chemical maintenance. LOL.

-Took the kids river tubing for the first time!

-Drastically changed my Social Media habits (still a work in progress, but am using much less. Considering goals on this for 2021 yet, more to come)

-Started this blog! Met some AMAZING people through it. 🙂 Also, figured out how to get my own URL/ “real site” which I’m so happy about.

-Really honed/ improved my productivity and planning skills this year. I feel like my systems are all pretty ingrained now and it makes life so much easier.

Typing this out, I have to say I’m a little bit surprised!! This doesn’t look half bad. I maybe didn’t hit “all” of my (fairly arbitrary) goals that I spelled out for myself, but given #2020 and all, I think I actually accomplished a lot in my personal life. I had some wins at work too, but decided to leave those off.

It makes me think of the Bill Gates quote:

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year, and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

This also makes me think….it would be really cool to have a yearly List of Accomplishments from say, college graduation forward, every single year…. I bet it would be crazy to look back on the cumulative lists in another 20 years. Too bad this is the first official list like this I’ve made. Hahaha!

It ALSO makes me think…is anything really “unachievable”?? Doing a little bit…then a little more…and a little more…the sky really is the limit. 😉

Last night I made zero progress toward any kind of accomplishments, however. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for my new AirPods Pros!! I love the noise cancelling feature for when I’m working and the kids are home. Makes me feel productive just to even put them in my ears, lol!

4 thoughts on “Accomplishments”

  1. It’s so fun to see all you accomplished this year! Congrats. It is nice to see how much can happen in a year when we focus on little steps. I also didn’t complete all my 20 for 20, but I did complete a lot, and I just finished my 21 for 21 (which is pandemic-proof, so I’m thinking that may help!)


  2. You did accomplish a lot this year – and while having your kids home during a huge chunk of the year. I think we typically accomplish more than we think we have! When you are a type A who is hard on yourself – which I think we both are – it can be easier to focus on what we didn’t do and overlook all our accomplishments. 2020 was such a weird year and it was a tough one for me with a hard pregnancy and Covid, but I got through the year, avoided Covid and have a healthy baby! I’m going to be sleep deprived for awhile so am not trying to accomplish much in the first 1-2 quarters but hopefully by mid year I will be getting more sleep and working out more!


  3. Awesome list! Hot tub mechanic is my fav 🙂

    Also love the pic up top. What a great visual regarding breaking your goals up into small tasks. 24 books seems impossible at first glance… But broken down into a few pages at a time it’s quite easy to grasp.

    Cheers to 2021!!!


  4. good progress indeed! to reach goals, it’s usually small steps consistently that matters. I’m writing down my goals and hopefully I can do as much as you did this year next year.


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