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End of the Year: A To-Do List

After the long holiday weekend, let me just say it feels GOOD to me to be back at my desk before 6 am doing my morning routine. Holidays and vacations are amazing, but I really do miss my beloved mornings when I don’t have them, too.

Only 4 more days left in 2020!!!! Wow. I love this little mini-season of reflection and planning.

I have quite a few “2020 wrap up/ 2021 planning” items I want to work on this week:

1. Write my 2021 Goals!! I don’t have so much as a scrap list made yet, but I do have a few things floating around in my head that I want to focus on. One theme that I’m feeling drawn to though is minimalizing my goals a little bit this year. I am a self-admitted over goal setter. I just LOVE thinking of things I want to do/ work on/ improve/ etc. and I very easily get carried away. I’m okay with it- I know it about myself and accept it. 🙂 But I think this year I would like to focus on maybe setting fewer goals but then really making them HAPPEN.

2. Also re: goals- figure out how/if I want to make QUARTERLY goals again, or just stick with my Monthly goals (as I’ve done for years). In 2020 I tried out Sarah’s Quintile system, and while I really like the concept, I ended up trailing off and not even setting quintile goals past like, the 2nd Quintile of the year. Oops. Maybe it was just 2020 though. I feel like I do okay working from my yearly list + setting monthly goals, but I also feel that with some practice, the quarterly/ quintile system may be worthwhile too. TBD.

My planner has these pages for that purpose:

I also am not sure what I want to use those little boxes on the left page for yet. Great space for tracking something, but not sure what yet.

3. Set up the back half of my planner with my Table of Contents + My Lists. Example pages from 2020: My 20 for 2020 List, Books Read in 2020, Favorite Quotes, Movies I want to see, Podcasts to check out, Someday/Maybe List, Vacation ideas, etc.

Currently all totally blank!!! I get nervous to start writing in it until I know just how I want to lay it all out….

4. Sit down and read my 2020 Gratitude entries, cover to cover!

5. Finish my 2020 Reading Challenge!! I set a goal of 24 books (pathetic to many of you, I’m sure…) and I’m at 22 with 4 days to go. BUT I’m close to finishing the one I’ve been reading with the boys, and I’ve started Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (also serves to finish my 2020 goal of reading 5 books from different genres… book #5 was going to be either Poetry or Classic, and I decided to go with Classic).

6. Make a 2021 Reading List. I’ve never done this before, but I’d like to pick at least a handful of specific books from my master 100+ book “Want to Read” list and make a point to READ THOSE.

7. Do a 2020 Recap. What did I accomplish that I’m proud of? What did I learn? What worked well this past year? What didn’t?

8. Goal setting/ planning with the kids! I have a strong suspicion that only 1 of 2 boys will have any interest in doing this, but I’d like to at least sit down maybe over a breakfast with them this week and help them think ahead a little bit to this upcoming year. Also, I want to help Asher get his planner set up and talk through some ways he can use it!!

9. Pick my WORD for 2021. My word for 2020 was Intentionality. I have a few ideas for words for 2021, but haven’t decided yet. It’s a hard choice! More to come on that.

10. Well, by pure chance I guess I came up with 9 items. Sorry, there is no #10. LOL.

Our old neighbors were in town and she stopped by for a dip in the hot tub in the snow with Asher! 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for 3 cozy items today: some new slippers I got for Christmas that I’m obsessed with, a little blanket I got myself for my office and a new fleece sweatshirt that I’m also wearing. 🙂

2 thoughts on “End of the Year: A To-Do List”

  1. isn’t funny that suddenly the to do list just got longer for few days? I’m also thinking about my intention/goals for 2021. I have few themes in mind and few things to try for a month. will share once cooked 🙂 I’m doing 20 memorable moments post for 2020 as recap and answering 10 questions to ask from this post (
    looking forward to read yours.


  2. I cut way back on goals a couple of years ago and found it worked really well. I would set 3-4 and they were usually goals that took much of the year to accomplish. I am not setting goals for 2021, though, which is the approach I take when we have a new child to adjust to! I do want to accomplish things but want to take some pressure off myself to reach too far! I know I will have a great reading year and want to get back to working out 3 times/week. That’s a low number compared to pre kids but I have found it harder to fit in workouts than I thought it would be. But I think I will WFH for 2-3 days/week when I return to work and it will be much easier to fit in on those days!!

    Reading 22 books is great! And you could hit 24! I think the average person barely reads so you are reading way more than average!! And you do a lot of other things whereas reading was basically my only hobby in 2020!


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