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Weekend snapshots + shoes for Costa Rica

Tuesday already!

These past few days were a blur. The weekend was highly dominated by Asher’s swim meet both Saturday and Sunday. But first, on Friday night we still squeezed in our date night:

Switched it up from nachos and got a big quesadilla to share instead! Neither macro friendly nor low carb, but, delicious. 🤷‍♀️

Then, on to Saturday. Asher had the early session on Day 1, and it was a ~35-40 minute drive away. We had to be there at 7:25 a.m., plus pick up a teammate on the way. So we left home by around 6:40 a.m. Early morning!!

He had 3 events in the a.m. session (100 free, 200 back, 100 fly), then a little break before he swam the 500 yard freestyle. For reference, the 500 free session didn’t start until 1:10 p.m… so we were there all morning. By the time all was said and done, we didn’t head for home until close to 2 p.m. It was pushing 3:00 by the time we got home.

BUT, he swam amazing this weekend, and the pool was a gorgeous new facility.

He went 4 for 4 personal best times on Saturday, with an almost 20 second drop on his 500 free! He was really happy.

The rest of Saturday (well, what was left of it), I basically did nothing. Although I did NOT swim and literally just sat on my butt for 6+ hours, I felt exhausted. I hadn’t slept well Friday night- I think I only got a few hours total. Anyway, I ended up taking a little nap Saturday afternoon and mostly just laid around feeling extremely lazy.

Asher, the one who actually did all the swimming, somehow had energy to go to the gym to play basketball with friends AND to a Family Fun Night at school until 8 p.m (like a school carnival type thing). He was happy as a clam; I felt about as peppy as a wet towel. lol.

Sunday morning I was up early again to drive Ethan to work at 7 a.m. (Ivan had gone out for drinks with his cousin Saturday night, so he was up later than I was.) I ran into the grocery store for a few things quickly (store is next to his McDonald’s), and when I came outside, it was barely 7:30. Asher didn’t swim until the later session on Sunday, and I figured things were quiet at home/ people still sleeping probably, so I had some free time. I decided to go inside to Ethan’s McDonald’s, where he was working, and have a cup of tea. 🙂 (He said it was okay- didn’t want to “embarrass him”, you know….ha.).

I had my Lonely Planet book and notebook in my purse, so I sat and took a few more notes about Monteverde- trying to figure out which cloud forests we should visit!! 🙂 I think I’ve finally got a good short list of things we’ll do on this trip. The options in Costa Rica are apparently endless!! It’s a lot to sort through.

After a bit, I headed home to shower and get ready. Asher and I left by around 10:45 for Day 2 of the swim meet. Ivan stayed home- he would be picking Ethan up from work at 11 and taking him to 2 basketball games Sunday afternoon. Divide and conquer. 🙂

It was a very pleasant, beautiful drive! Snowy countryside, but no actual snow on the roads. 😉

The p.m. session started at 12:30. On Sunday Asher swam the 100 breaststroke, 200 freestyle, 100 back and the 200 IM. He went another 4 best times, making his total 8 for 8 personal bests this weekend!! A perfect meet!! He was thrilled. It’s been a long time since he’s had such a great meet!! It was really fun to watch, and though it made for a long weekend, I was so glad to be there with him. ❤

On the way home, he said he was “starving” and asked if we could stop at Culver’s. Of course, yes!! He so earned it. 🙂

His usual: chicken tenders, fries, custard.

When we got home, Ethan and Ivan were still gone at basketball, so I forced myself back out the door to the gym. I told Asher on the way home, “When we get home, DO NOT let me sit down… I am going to gym immediately, before I lose my motivation.” (Which I didn’t really have at that point, anyway, but the little motivation I did have, I didn’t want to lose. Ha.)

I begrudgingly went to the gym and did my leg workout. I gained a little momentum as the workout progressed, which is usually the case.

And that was mostly the weekend! Not a lot of time left for too much else.


I did receive my new Salomon hiking/water shoes (they fit!!) and did a little closet inventory/ thinking about which other shoes I’ll take to Costa Rica. (As I’ve mentioned, we will have a single SUV for 6 people on this trip = NOT a lot of space for luggage. So the plan is carry-on backpacks only…. for 2 whole weeks. Not ideal.)

My current plan for shoes is this:

Clockwise from top left:

  • My favorite black flip flops- super light/easy to pack, great for slipping on and heading to pool or around hotel, or out for a casual lunch or dinner, etc.
  • Salomon Tech Amphib4 Water Shoes. Got them on sale for $80 at REI! Will be my “closed toe shoe” option (some places require closed toed shoes due to, um, potential critters like apparently snakes and fire ants? 😳) Also can wear these in water if we go waterfall jumping, river tubing, etc.
  • My beloved Tevas- I have an older version of the Verras, I think. LOVE these. They are open toed, but from what I’ve read, this should be fine in most places. I’ve hiked all over in these and love them. Never had an issue with the open toe. They are also great in water.
  • White Eddie Bauer Break Point sandals. I bought these on a whim last summer, but I think they’ll be great for this trip. They have more tread on the bottom than your average flip flop/ more support and also will be good for water/pool/ beach/ etc.

*I am super partial to SANDALS in the summer!! I hate wearing tennis shoes/ closed toes if I don’t have to- I LIVE in sandals. So I’m planning to mostly wear sandals, and my Salomons as needed. 🙂 Also happy that I only had to purchase one pair of shoes- I seem to already own some good options that will work fine.

I’ll probably wear my Tevas on the plane and pack the rest, and I think this is reasonably light yet enough variety! Costa Rica is super casual, so I don’t think I’ll need any “nice” shoes along.

Now on to the week. Ivan leaves to go to Mexico very early tomorrow morning with his brother to surprise their Dad for his 70th birthday!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a new pair of socks I got for Christmas that is extremely comfortable.

6 thoughts on “Weekend snapshots + shoes for Costa Rica”

  1. We only ever travel with carry-ons (at my husband’s insistence); it can be such a nuisance, but it does make for more streamlined travel once I make my choices (not many outfits + never have to worry about lost luggage)? Footwear is always a challenge for me because it takes up so much space, especially if we’re doing something that requires more “formal” wear and I take a pair of shoes that literally only have one purpose.


  2. Way to go Asher on 8 PRs! And then to have energy to play basketball and go to a school carnival? Oh to be young and energetic again! I had a super fun weekend. You probably saw how active we were since we see each others’ apple data! I logged a lot of steps between the zoo, runs, and our 10k snowshoe race. I was really sore in my shins/calves from the snowshoe race. 10k was definitely the max and I think 5k would have been plenty for me as those snowshoes get heavy after awhile… but it was fun, unique thing to do!

    I do not care for sandals like other people do! I wear them but I much prefer to wear sneakers or something like that. I have super super high arches so sandals can make my feet hurt since they don’t have great support. I have a brand of flip flops called “fit flops” which have more support than the average sandal and I do like those, but not for a longer walks. If my feet weren’t so weird, I might feel differently!


  3. During the summer, I’m exclusively in sandals and flip flops and when I am forced to wear closed-toe shoes again, I swear it takes weeks before my feet forgive me! I’ll be interested to see how you manage to fit everything you need in a carryon – please update us!


  4. sounds like a fun weekend to me. I can’t wait to start going to swim meets with Sofia (although it doesn’t seem to be a usual thing in Asia). I think i’ll enjoy solo time with her, solo time for my reflecting/planning while she swims, and then the joy of coming back home sweet home.
    i’ve sit for over 40 hours now, 35 hours journey to buenos aires, so you got me motivated to go out for a run despite lacking sleep for 2 days. better get the blood flowing and get the sunlight.


  5. I like those strappy sandals. I have a thing wherein I cannot wear flip-flops. I can’t have something between my toes; it’s a sensory thing. I have to do yoga breathing when the esthetician puts toe separators on me to put on nail polish while I’m getting a pedicure. Eeee, just thinking about it right now is making my heart race! Isn’t that strange? I wish it wasn’t the case because flip-flops are such a cute look. Oh well, I just wear a lot of slides in the summer. I love an open toe shoe in the summer too.


  6. The quesadilla looks amazing! I could definitely live in sandals too…. and I wear them whenever I can. I do like a good pair of sneakers, though. I hope you can fit everything in a carry-on bag… do you have the option to do laundry while on your trip? It all comes down to taking things that can be combined in multiple ways. 🙂


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