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The week

I actually wasn’t going to post today, because I just don’t really feel like I have anything too exciting to share today. lol. But Asher has a swim meet this weekend (early session both days), so not sure if I’ll be able to check in much over the weekend or not.

This was a nice, steady week. No wild ups or downs. I liked it.

The Week:

Monday: I worked a bit late. It was our turn to drive swim carpool, but Ivan did it. Ivan’s sister made tlacoyos and flank steak and Ivan picked them up and brought them home, so no one had to cook, either. I also did a bunch of Costa Rica planning that day (and stayed up too late searching for hybrid hiking/water shoes- which I did find… waiting on arrival, please fit!!) I ended up skipping the gym Monday just due to work stuff, so I called it my “rest day” (yes, on the first day of the week… err…) and just walked on the treadmill briefly.

Tuesday: Highlight was that 8th graders vs teachers volleyball game. So fun!! 🙂 I also picked up my new book club book for February (The Maid by Nita Prose) before coming home and getting to work. I had to pick the boys up from the bus because the weather has been frigid this week! Ethan had to work at 4 pm, so I ran him there. I made fish, rice and vegetables for dinner. I did a later cardio gym workout (the bike!) for ~40 minutes.

Wednesday: Got to “sleep in” as Asher decided to skip early a.m. swim practice. (When he has meets on the weekend, he says he prefers the extra sleep to be “well rested” for his meet on the weekend.) Wednesday was a nice day! After the boys went to school, I treated myself to an hour with my Costa Rica book/websites and tea before starting work. Ethan had piano at 3:30, and I did a lower body workout later in the afternoon.

The best part of Wednesday: I subbed on a volleyball team! Pre-pandemic I played regularly on a team at the gym with some friends, but didn’t really want to commit to being a full time member. But they needed a sub, so I went, and it was super fun. 🙂 I was gone from probably 6:45- 9:30 because we got a drink in the gym’s bar and hung out after. Ivan drove Ethan to/from soccer practice during this time.

Thursday: I had a long meeting in the morning, so I had Ivan drive the boys to school so I could get ready. Sat in the meeting, which was fine.

After the meeting, spent some time trying to reconfigure my desk set up. Long story, but basically, I used to keep my laptop off to the side, on the raised countertop to the right. I liked it out of the way. But my camera is on the laptop…. so for on camera meetings, I always have to look at the laptop. And the screen is kind of small! So if they are presenting, etc., I tend to drag whatever is on the screen to my monitor (so it’s nice and big)… but my camera is still on the laptop, off to the side. So if I’m looking at the monitor, then everyone else is looking at the side of my head, basically. Or if I have to present something, it’s just awkward to not be looking at the people. ANYWAY. So I rearranged all the cords and now will just keep my laptop straight in front of me, so I can look at both it and my monitor without much “head movement”. lol.

laptop closed in photo, but I did a test video call with my friend, and I think the new setup will be much better than where I used to have it.

I do have a second monitor, but I don’t use it (though sometimes it would be handy). I just don’t want another one on my desk, though.

Otherwise Thursday was pretty uneventful. The kids had an early release day from school, but Ethan had basketball. (Ride home with carpool.) Asher made some sort of brownies from a kid’s cookbook.

baking + Jeopardy

I made an easy creamy chicken soup for dinner (random Pinterest recipe). I was in the mood for something cozy.

You have to blend some of the potato mix and add it back, to make it “creamy”.

Asher had swim practice from 6:50-8:10, but…. CARPOOL, so we didn’t have to drive. Yes. Carpool is such a wonderful, wonderful thing. I chickened out from going out to the gym in the dark and cold myself, so I did my upper body workout from home (this particular set of exercises were easy to swap to dumbbells).

Friday/ Today:

My work team is meeting out for breakfast this morning for our “weekly huddle” from 9-11- in person! At a restaurant! We were supposed to have a team holiday party/bowling outing last Saturday, but it got cancelled due to a snowstorm. So this is kind of a replacement of sorts.

Ethan works tonight, I want to do my back/biceps workout, and I’m sure we’ll get nachos tonight, because –> Friday. Then Asher has swim meet in the morning!

And that’s my week. How was yours?

Couple quotes from the week:

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” – Lao Tzu

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” – Irish proverb

“Every exit is an entry somewhere else.” – Walt Disney

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for my FURNACE on this very frigid morning. On the bright side, it will be brief- and a “warm snap” is on its heels.

38 by Monday! Gonna break out the shorts!! 😉

6 thoughts on “The week”

  1. It is COLD here today. Schools were canceled and…very sadly…our daughter’s overnight camp scheduled to start tonight is canceled too. It makes sense – the camp is quite remote, it’s going to -40C with windchill, and there is a chance the power could go out because of the high winds. But still…such a bummer for her.
    Overall, though, we had a nice week. The weather was great until today, and the kids have really enjoyed having snow on the ground.


    1. I just learned that -40C is -40F!!! We can finally communicate!! Also, that is too cold for doing anything except huddling inside, making cookies, and crying.


  2. Enjoy your breakfast with your coworkers! I bet it will be nice to see them in person! I would rather have breakfast than go bowling. I am terrible at bowling so I do not enjoy it!

    It’s been really cold here, too. Today is the coldest day but it felt better than yesterday since it’s not windy right now. I did take my 23 minute walk yesterday and it was honestly horrible so I think I need to stick to skipping it when the feels like temp is below 0! I felt like I wasn’t being tough enough but it’s just so unpleasant when it’s that cold!

    I am going to send you a picture of my workset up. I have the same issue – 1 monitor and a laptop but the camera is on my laptop and I do a ton of client calls so need to be facing it. I have my laptop propped up on books so it’s more “even” with my monitor since I use both. And the camera angle is more flattering if the laptop is elevated a bit. I don’t think you have a ton of video meetings but it might be worth doing this!


  3. It has been so cold and I cannot wait for the warmup this weekend! Dog to the dog park! Walk to the farmers’ market! Maybe get some of the ice up from the walk to the front door (our house is north facing and this walk gets ZERO sun)! Woot! Warmer weather ahead!


  4. a good sleep is really the best medicine for physical and mental health. I’m so glad to get it every day 🙂
    it’s nice to have regular meals with the team. I had lunch with 4 colleagues and it was nice to get together just chat. I thought I should make it regular.


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