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A 4-part busy Saturday; now ready for a quiet day!

This past week has been FUN! And, I’m tired now. Hahaha.

Yesterday was our last “action” day of this Thanksgiving week, which as you know by now, has been full of theater performances, shopping, cooking, lots of amazing family time, Thanksgiving, decorating, work and more.

My parents were slated to leave yesterday (Saturday), after being here since last Sunday. (The time absolutely flew by- it did NOT feel like they were here almost a week!) The boys had off school all week, too, so that added to the full feeling of the week. 🙂 Oh, and I had to work most days, too.

Here was our Saturday in 4 parts:

Part 1

It was an early start- Ethan had to work at 7 a.m. My mom rode along with me and we dropped him off. Then, I left by 7:30 a.m. with Asher for an 8 am swim practice. It was at the far-away pool, so I sat in the car and waited from 8-9:20.

Back home by ~9:45 or so, my parents were packing up and portioning off some Thanksgiving leftovers to take home!

Then, because Asher’s birthday is next week and we likely won’t see my parents again before then, they had him open his birthday gifts.

He will be 13! Officially at the age that he really doesn’t want “toys” anymore. His main gifts from my parents included:

  • Xbox gift cards (a major fan favorite around here)
  • a very cool desk lamp for his room (he had asked for one as he likes to sit and draw; this one has different settings, a built-in LED clock and a wireless charging station)
  • a heated electric blanket (to snuggle up with while he plays video games).

He was thrilled with his gifts. 🙂

Then I had to jump in the shower, my parents left, and it was on to Part 2.

Part 2

Ethan only worked until 11 because we had afternoon plans. First up was going out to watch the Mexico vs Argentina World Cup game.

This was a tricky game, because obviously we are Team Mexico around here. But…. Argentina’s national team also has Lionel Messi on it, who is probably Ivan’s favorite soccer player in the world (and arguably the best soccer player in the world, too).

He kept saying, I want them to tie!

We went to “our” Mexican restaurant and sat up at the bar in front of the 3 big screen TVs.

Mexico jerseys on

It was quiet when we arrived, but a bunch of other Mexico fans filled in behind us for the game too. It was really fun! The boys were super into it.

They always want “margaritas” now (virgin, of course). 🙂
shared some nachos, because what else would I eat? 😆 (#teamnachosforlife)

Skipping ahead… (Mexico lost, 0-2. BOO. At least it was Messi who scored the first goal- Ivan said it would be worse if some random not-so-good soccer player scored on them. Getting schooled by Messi feels a little more acceptable, because he’s just sooo talented.)

Part 3

As soon as that game ended, we jumped in Ivan’s brother’s car (who met us there) and he dropped us off at the University of Wisconsin Badger’s football stadium (Camp Randall) for the UW vs. Minnesota football game! We were running late (due to the soccer game) and didn’t want to take time to mess around with trying to park closer to the stadium.

This was the boys’ first live football game (and Ivan’s, too). I had season tickets a million years ago during my college days, but it’s been a LONG time since I was at a Badgers football game.

They are super fun! Madison is literally the best college town. The atmosphere is crazy and the traditions and culture run deep. It’s my alma mater, so it’s always great to go back and sing those old songs, too. 🙂 Once a Badger, always a Badger. 🙂 (Even though I honestly don’t really follow Big10 football much at all…. 😬)

The UW Marching Band is out of this world good. The half-time show featured music from ABBA! Yay! So fun.

A nice man sitting behind us insisted on taking a family photo:

It was relatively warm at the start, but got persistently colder as the sun went down. Still, for an end of November game in Wisconsin?? It could have been MUCH WORSE.

It was a very exciting game. UW lost in a close finish which went right down to the wire. 😦 Not a good day for our sports teams, was it.

After the game, we did not have a ride back to our far-away car. (Ivan’s brother had plans, so he couldn’t pick us back up.) We walked the almost 2 miles back to the car which actually was not that bad. It was just pretty COLD by that point, but we were walking super fast. (Or as fast as we could through the sea of Badger and Gopher fans on the sidewalks.)

I forced the kids to stop for a picture. They are smiling here, but there were serious protests just seconds before and after this:

COME ON, it’s cold and we just want to get back to the car!!!

We breezed past the state Capitol, up close and personal:

Everything was so pretty down there!

Part 4

Finally, Part 4 involved getting home and turning on the fireplace. Brrr we were cold. Ivan and I put on the Netflix movie The Good Nurse. (The boys were in their rooms, but Ethan ended up joining us after a while.)

Have you heard of it? It’s based on a book (and it’s a true story), about a nurse who serially kills patients by adding a bunch of insulin to their normal saline IV bags.

It’s done in such a manner that the hospitals can’t exactly “catch” him, though; the deaths do seem rather sudden/ unexplained, but these are very sick ICU patients, so death isn’t necessarily unexpected, either. And due to liability/ press concerns, the hospitals don’t really want to fully investigate and draw tons of negative attention or legal issues…. So after a few suspicious deaths but no hard proof, they always end up just firing him for “unrelated reasons” (to essentially make the problem go away)…. meaning he then goes on to another hospital and does it again. And again. And again.

It is sooooo creepy!! The book was amazing- I read it years ago (being a nurse myself, it was talked about a lot on my inpatient unit and a bunch of us nurses read it).

Highly recommend the book. I thought the movie was good; the book was great.

And now, on to Sunday- a WIDE OPEN DAY with no plans!!! Yes. I’m excited for a low key day now, after lots of fun. I have a million things I want to do, but I’m just happy to have some time to do what I want/ need to do, on my own. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a very fun family afternoon yesterday. I was feeling a little tired/ “not in the mood” really to go to the Badgers game, beforehand. But as I expected, once we were there, I was so glad we did. 🙂

8 thoughts on “A 4-part busy Saturday; now ready for a quiet day!”

  1. I am so exhausted just reading that. Even ONE of those parts would have made for a full day in my life! I’m glad you had a lovely day and hope you get to chill out on your plan free Sunday.


  2. I laughed when I read about Ivan’s view about losing to Argentina. I couldn’t stay up to watch it but first thing in the morning I watched the highlights. I am so glad Argentine won because they lost against SAudi pretty shamefully. And yes, Messi is my favorite player in the world too!!! I really hope he does a good job this time as it’s likely to be his last world cup.
    I watched nurse too, so creepy!!! It’s amazing how bad people can get away with it with silent consent of the hospitals. I think the movie is well made but freaked me out.


  3. My son is OBSESSED with Messi; he even wrote a letter (and sent it to PSG; shockingly, we couldn’t find a home address for Messi – haha) to him this summer asking if he would come visit his local soccer club! When we were in NYC we specifically went to The Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square because they had a “Messi” burger.

    He wore his Messi jersey while watching the game. Gotta go for his favourite players at this point because Canada is out…but at least we scored our first World Cup goal. So frustrating because we SHOULD have won the first game.


  4. Wow that was a full day! I thought of you when we watched the end of the MN/UW game. Phil was cheering for the Gophers. We both went to grad school there but I don’t view them as “my team.” Several of Phil’s best HS friends went to Madison, though, so he really enjoys it when Minnesota wins. It was such an exciting game!

    That nurse book sounds really interesting. I will have to try to read that sometime and should suggest it to my sister. I feel like nurses always have to have a 2nd set of eyes when they put something in an IV – maybe that came about after this situation? I’m thinking of that from when I had a bolus of heparin when I got my blood clot during pregnancy. I remember it because the nurse said he wanted to give it asap but he needed another nurse to double check before he gave me the drug. I wonder if that is only required for certain drugs?


  5. What a fun day with your boys. You pack a lot into your weekends, but it looks like a really great time. Live Football games are fun (I don’t care to watch on TV – haha).


  6. Super-embarrassing, but…I have never been to a game at Camp Randall. I didn’t go to a college where football was a big thing, so it’s not something I’ve done much in my life in general. Plus, honestly? Camp Randall and Badger fans intimidate me. 🙂 You had a FULL day! Wow.


    1. Haha! Well, that’s ok! I’ve really only been to a few games myself! On a similar note, I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life and I have never ever been to Green Bay! Not to a Packers game or even just to the city for any other reason. It’s just kind of funny, since we know many other people who have moved here from other states or countries and have already gone to a Packers game, and yet here I am, a native Wisconsinite and I’ve never been!! 😄


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