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The last 4 days

Hello! I never got around to hopping on the blog during the last few days, so here’s an update on some recent events in my life:


  • Ethan got BRACES! Woo!! Such mixed feelings, because of course it’s kind of an adolescent rite of passage. It means he’s growing up! It also means his smile will look really different now, for the next ??? years.



I said, “Give me an extra big smile so I can see your teeth.” hahaha.

So far, so good, I guess. He has this awful expander in the roof of his mouth (something I never had), and it seems extremely uncomfortable. It also has this little key that I need to insert and turn once per day. Ew. It has been difficult for him to really enunciate, and he now talks like he has a speech impediment. 😦 They claim he will adjust to it with time. I think he’s getting a bit better now that it’s been a few days, but he still sounds like he has marbles in his mouth. Eating has been challenging, too, as food gets stuck up there, and his teeth were sore over the weekend from the braces themselves. Poor guy!! I hope it all settles down soon.

(If you’ve never seen an expander, here’s a zoomed in view):

😬😳 REALLY would not like that in my mouth….
  • Also Thursday, Asher had his first 7th grade cross country meet of the season! (He missed the 1st one due to soccer last week.) It was a gorgeous evening on a golf course. He seems a bit more “meh” about cross country than he did last year, I think because he has suddenly rejoined soccer and is just all excited about that right now. But because all of his school friends are doing XC, he wanted to do it, too, even though he has stated he really doesn’t love long distance running that much. I guess we’ll see how it goes! He seems to be having fun at least. School sports are just a great experience overall.


  • I did not go for a “Finish Eliza’s Run” run, but I did go for a walk around 6:45 a.m. I’m glad I did, too, because our weekend weather was terrible after this.
BEAUTIFUL morning. Left headphones at home and just walked.
  • Friday night Asher went to his 1st swim practice of the season (first time back in the pool since end of July!). That is correct, he is currently doing cross country, soccer and swim team, all at the same time. What the what?! Not sure how that happened, but it is happening. Lord help me.


  • Both Ivan and Ethan had to work. Ivan just went in for a little bit in the morning, but Ethan worked a full 7-3 shift at Mickey D’s.
  • I spent some time trying to get the boys’ “desk situation” resolved. Long story short, Asher had a desk, Ethan didn’t. Asher decided that the desk he got a few years ago “didn’t have enough storage” for his art/ drawing hobby. (He wanted one with more drawer space.) Ethan mostly just needs a place to work on homework on his laptop, and he does not draw. (Ethan also has less, um, hoarder-like tendencies than Asher, lol. Seriously, Asher is one who always has SO MUCH STUFF. Ethan is much more minimalistic.) So, I ended up buying a new, bigger desk for Asher, and moving Asher’s old desk to Ethan’s room. I searched and searched online (and several in person stores) for a desk for Asher that fit the limited size parameters we had to work with, but I had the darndest time. Either they were too big, had terrible reviews, didn’t have enough space, too expensive for what I wanted to spend, etc. Finally I ran across one from Target of all places (that I must have missed, initially) that is actually perfect. And for only $91!!! I ordered it and a new chair, Ivan picked it up and it was all assembled by Saturday evening. Yay! Glad to cross this off the list.

Ethan’s room, with his new-to-him desk:

Asher’s new $91 desk:

Still need another desk lamp though. He loves the drawer and storage space, and the larger surface top for drawing.
  • No pictures of this, but Saturday evening my parents arrived after spending a month road tripping in Arizona/ the U.S. Southwest on their 50th anniversary trip. It is also my mom’s birthday today (happy birthday mom!!!), so we went out for dinner at a cool “public house” place to catch up.


  • It rained ALL day. Literally, all day. I woke up early, but felt soooo lazy with the cold and rain. I laid in bed and watched the Ironman Wisconsin live stream on my phone for a really long time. I became obsessed with this, because I absolutely could not imagine doing an Ironman in 50 degree, steady rain for 12+ hours. (Actually can’t really imagine doing an Ironman, period, but when I watched them wade into Lake Monona to start the 2.4 mile swim, in the rain, when it was literally still kinda DARK outside, my mind was basically blown.)
We volunteered at the Ironman in 2018, and it was awesome. Here are the boys handing out water to the athletes on the run portion. I’d definitely like to do that again sometime. (But on another blue-sky day, not a cold, rainy one like yesterday.)
  • I did a quick grocery shop to pick up ingredients for homemade nachos. The Green Bay Packers had their first regular season game Sunday afternoon, so we planned on nachos + the game. The grocery store was insanely busy. Absolutely jam packed. UGH. Wisconsinites and their Packers, sigh. Everyone was probably trying to shop before the game, ha.
I bought the stuff, Ivan made the nachos.
  • Asher also had his first real soccer league game of the season (last week was a tournament). It was, as I mentioned, cold and RAINY. They played on….

Ivan and I opted to stand and huddle in the little entrance to the bathrooms, instead of sitting out on the wet, metal bleachers. At least it was covered!! It was still freezing. Asher got absolutely soaked to the bone, but at least he scored the only goal of the game (they won, 1-0), so he was thrilled about that.

We stayed back during half time/ breaks, and would emerge to the railing when the ball came down on our end of the field. haha. Still got soaked.
  • And finally, to end the night, we used the fireplace for the first time of the fall!!! I love fireplace season soooo much. After the soccer game, I was FREEZING, so I did my usual and sat as close to the fireplace as humanly possible without starting myself on fire. hehe. We watched the very sad, very pathetic Packer’s opener. No more comments on that, bc it was bad.

And now, back to work for a new week. I’m in the midst of more training, so, better go. Break time’s over. Have a great week, all!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for my fireplace. I say this one a lot. But I really, really, REALLY, really love my gas fireplaces.

4 thoughts on “The last 4 days”

  1. Well we are on the opposite side of the Vikings/Packers rivalry so were happy w/ the game on Sunday although neither of us really watched! Phil was busy installing a door and I was managing the kids. I caught maybe half a quarter. I think Phil looks forward to watching football w/ the boys someday, though. He tried to get Paul interested in but he was more interested in doing a puzzle!

    We had gorgeous, perfect weather all weekend! Friday was rainy, though, but that’s what I prefer – don’t ruin my weekend with rain! We were outside a ton this weekend and had a really nice weekend. We haven’t turned on our fireplace yet, though, but soon it will be fireplace season! I’m so glad we converted ours to gas in January. I used it pretty much daily for 4 months!

    Poor Ethan – that spacer looks PAINFUL!! Will he have that for a long time? Ouch.


  2. I think I have a child that will need a spacer. Ugh. My brother-in-law had one as an adult though, and that’s MUCH worse because the bone has fully fused. If you get it when you’re a kid, it is still slightly “softer” and a less painful break. Even still, I’m very much dreading this phase.

    We actually have our ortho consult next week. I think both kids will need them eventually. Sigh.

    What a full week. I think it’s great the boys are so engaged with all the athletics! They seem to be extremely well-rounded.

    I also love my propane fireplace insert! It’s so relaxing, pretty and warm.


  3. that braces look scary. Sofia will need one for sure, few more years and we will have to put her on it.
    great that Asher joined the XC. as long as he’s having fun with friends… he’ll enjoy it, it’s all about social experience. which is great! hopefully he finds joy in running eventually.
    i love watching running races too… they are so inspiring about the human limit, isn’t it? I always want to do a bit more than what I think i am capable after watching these races.


  4. Oh, that desk that Asher gave up is so much “cooler” than the one he got (despite less storage space) LOL I wouldn’t have traded that in. I guess they both win though 🙂


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