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Keeping planners forever?

So I’m not huge into the whole “planner world” like some other people are, but I have dabbled just a little bit (100% thanks to SHU and her planning content/podcast). I don’t really like change very much, so I don’t see myself bouncing around and trying all different products and dayplanners, though.

I did switch/ “upgrade” to the Wonderland222 planner and notebook system last year (from my previously used BlueSky planner from Target!), thanks to her recommendation, which overall, I have really enjoyed using! (The 2022 version is currently en route to my house.)

I used to use the Blue Sky planner as my calendar, and then a big spiral grid notebook for my habit tracking/goal setting/journal pages.

After a few years of this, I realized- the notebook was BIG! Especially with the spiral rings….and, it was just thick.

But I knew myself, and I didn’t want to just throw my notebooks away at the end of the year. I actually really enjoy reading back over my entries, looking at what I was up to/thinking/feeling….Throwing them away would, to me, defeat the whole purpose of using them!

I also really like keeping my planners!! I currently have ALL of these stuck in the bottom drawer of my desk. (2021 was when I switched to the Wonderland- I wanted something smaller and more compact to store.)

I can’t bear the thought of throwing them away!! It is so fun to flip through them.

For example, I opened 2016 and saw “Buy SeaWorld tickets” from a day in September, just before our first family trip to Disney/Orlando. I can see “Asher- Swim Team eval!” from a day in August, as he was looking to join the swim team! There is an entry that says “Lunch w/ Kelly”- an old friend I rarely see. But seeing this entry immediately took me back to that lunch out- I can remember exactly where we went, and a whole bunch of other good memories I might never have thought about again came flooding back.

It is also really fun to see what kinds of appointments and activities we had during different stages. (Tennis. Soccer. “Futsal”. School fun runs! B-day parties. Weddings. Baby showers. Even things like “volunteer- swim meet 4:30- 7:00” brings back specific memories of that swim meet, in that month, on that weekend.)

I AM rather appalled at my chicken scratch handwriting/ MESSY calendar grids!!! (Embarrassingly, this is kind of my default style. I have to work hard to keep it neat…the Wonderland is much smaller, so I tend to be much more careful- not as much room for error.) Obviously I guess in the past I wasn’t bothered by crossing stuff out though, at least not in 2016!! Eek.

I do miss these nice big boxes to write in, though….

Check out the size difference between the Wonderland and my old planners:

my Wonderland in the cover vs. my 2020 Blue Sky planner

Same goes for the notebook system:

Current/new system notebook in black, old Five Star grid notebook in red! HUGE size difference.

I figure I can save years of notebooks and planners in these smaller sizes in just a couple boxes! The old ones would take up way too much space to justify saving them. (And, my husband would probably sneak downstairs and throw them all away while I was sleeping some night! 😆)

The new system also ensures that when I’m dead someday, my kids will have fewer heavy boxes to lug to the garbage can. Hahahahaha!!!

Do you save journals and/or planners??

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for Goodreads!! I keep book lists in my notebook, too, but I love being able to just add a book to my “Want to Read” list from my phone and keep track electronically. I also love exploring recommended books on there. (And I like their newsletter! Fun to see new releases and other recs.)

7 thoughts on “Keeping planners forever?”

  1. Ooh, I like your cover for your W222 – would you mind emailing me the link to it? I have an acrylic cover for mine and while it’s fine, I don’t love it!

    I do not keep planners! But my planners were Erin Condren ones which were wire bound so they were incredibly bulky. I have used A5 bullet journals for the last several years so those are much smaller. I think I might still have my 2017-2019 bullet journal, though. I remember pulling out to look at pregnancy things I had tracked in it when I was pregnant with Will. So I might continue to hold onto that. But I am not sad that I didn’t keep my Erin Condren planners! It would be interesting to page through them but I’m so not sentimental so I just don’t tend to hold onto things. Like I just went through a huge box of HS and college photos that my parents set aside from when they sold my childhood home. I looked through them and showed some photos to Phil but tossed most of the photos! So that just kind of shows you how unsentimental I am and how prone I am to throwing things away. I had made scrapbooks of HS and my 6 months abroad in Australia so I felt like I’d memorialized enough from that period of my life!


      1. I should note- this cover actually comes with a little lined notebook inside it, which I just took out and then put my Wonderland 222 planner in instead. I have the little notebook just in my office for random notes.


  2. Hey!! I’ve been reading your posts in my emails but haven’t commented for a while 🙂

    I save my old diaries… I probably have the last 5-6 years? Not sure where the earlier ones have gone, maybe they’re in the loft! I’ve considered lining them up on the bookcase in my study to make a feature of them!

    I’m really looking forward to finishing up this year’s Hobonichi and then starting my 2022 one. I’ve kind of challenged myself to stay loyal to that one diary for the whole year… we’ll see!


  3. I’m definitely a tosser, but I always feel a bit guilty when I do!

    But if you can’t bear the thought of getting rid of them – don’t do it. In the grand scheme of things, they take up so little space and clearly spark joy for you (even though I don’t tackle clutter in any Marie Kondo way)!

    Also, ditto on Goodreads. I love everything about it. I love tracking my reading, I love having different bookshelves (I have one dedicated to our favourite picture books which I wish I’d had since my kids were babies, because I always was so sad to take books we loved back to the library knowing I’d probably never be able to remember that title in the future). And I love looking at the suggested books section – I have found some great gems that way.


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