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A Good List

some fresh air for one of our tiny furry friends ❤

Last night I was in the kitchen quickly browning some taco meat before swim practice, and the nightly local news came on. In the first 30 seconds, they announced the top 3 stories for the evening.

They were: 1) a heart-wrenching report of a 7 year old girl who drowned over the weekend in a nearby river 2) the story of the search for the driver in a deadly hit and run accident downtown and 3) I can’t remember- it might have been about the awful building collapse in Miami?

Anyway, I said out loud to Ivan, standing by, “Well THAT’S some uplifting news right there.” 😳

So in an effort to counter-balance the sad and negative news, how about a random little “good” list? These are always much more pleasant to make.

A Good List

  1. On the way home from taking Ethan to camp, I finally listened to an entire podcast episode! In the car, by myself. So nice. (Last week at swim camp there just were not my usual opportunities for podcast listening, so I was missing them.)

2. I drove the swim practice carpool last night. 2 kids weren’t there, so it was just Asher and 2 girls. We all got into a big, lively, fun conversation and it was really cute. Such good kids! 🙂

on the way to pick up his teammates.

3. I basically slayed my Monday. YES. I got SO much work done, I worked out, I fit in two walks (one quick solo a.m. walk, one evening with Ivan). Very few interruptions, no weird appointments or schedule disruptions. Felt great.

4. I saw some pictures of Ethan on the camp website and it looks like he’s having fun. (As expected, no emails from him. 😉 )

5. I had to email both an Infectious Disease specialist and a Transplant attending MD to clarify a couple things for a data policy/ work question, and to my surprise, they both got back to me very quickly, with complete, thoughtful answers that fully resolved my issue. Yay!

6. I’ve been using these postcards I picked up in Memphis for bookmarks, and I’m loving it. I’ve been alternating using a different one each time I start a new book. Every time I slide it in between the pages, I briefly think back on our super fun trip! I hope to collect more. I started a little folder in my file cabinet to store them. Might as well USE them for something and actually look at them often, vs. just sticking them in a box for the next 10 years.

currently using the bottom right from Graceland 🙂

Thought of the Day:

Patience is a form of wisdom. It demonstrates that we understand and accept the fact that things must unfold in their own time.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for this little stash of random chocolate bars we got from my sister-in-law, from someone she knows who works for a chocolate factory. I’ve been eating a square (okay, usually two) most days of the “dark chocolate with toffee” bars and they are SO GOOD!

1 thought on “A Good List”

  1. Mmmm, chocolate. That sounds really good right now! 😉 A good list is a lot more fun to read than the sad news stories… I bet it felt good to have such a productive day! My day was pretty good, too, as I got a run in after I pumped while listening to a weekly sales call. And as a result, I got way more out of the call than I do when I listen at my desk because you can’t multitask while running!

    My good thing from yesterday was going out to dinner w/ 2 college friends. The rain moved out so we were able to sit outside. It was great to have a meal prepared by someone else while catching up with friends!


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