Deep thoughts, Weekends


Sunday was a nice day. There were some really nice moments of connection that I really enjoyed.

As the kids get older, it can be so easy to kind of just all do our own things sometimes. On weekends, they like to spend a good amount of time playing video games with their friends. I am not opposed to this (though it can get excessive, which can be a problem). I will say that I’m very glad they are playing with their REAL, LIVE friends (or cousins) and not some computer bot or something. They all connect (from home) and play in the same worlds or levels or who knows what. All I know is that they talk, work and laugh together, and that seems like a good thing.

We had some nice conversations yesterday too. Ethan is not always the most talkative, but when you get him at the right time, he can really open up. He was in a very inquisitive mood. He was wondering a lot about the future state of the planet. Specifically, what will happen long term with all the garbage and waste. I admittedly am no expert on planet science, but it was fun to talk about and brainstorm. I did not have the answer as to if a legitimate possibility one day might be to take garbage to space and let it get sucked into Jupiter’s gaseous atmosphere instead. Hahaha! Another suggestion was to potentially transport garbage to Mars- OR build some huge space station to house it. Although Asher was concerned by this, because, “What if we all need to move to Mars one day??” 🙂 Excellent point.

Conversation also turned to other fun topics like the Bermuda Triangle, which they were very intrigued by, leading to some Googling and reading about it together. Ethan has been pretty interested in other conspiracy theories and unsolved mysteries too lately. He had been asking questions about Area 51, etc. before Christmas and I tried to find a cool book about it for him, but I didn’t really have much luck yet.

Before bed we watched the Netflix movie/ documentary The Short Game as a family, about 7-8 year old world champion golfers. Whoa. It’s pretty insane the level of drive, determination and focus those kids had at such a YOUNG age. Made my kids look like a couple of bumpkins in comparison! lol. Though honestly, it’s hard to watch that and not think it’s all a bit wacko. The pressure and extreme overinvolvement of the parents seems rather unhealthy in many ways. Maybe that is what it takes to be a champion at something though. I guess I’ll never know. Ha. 🙂

Playing this game was a highlight of the day, too. You have 5 seconds to name 3 things from a category (ex. “Name 3 breakfast foods!” or “Name 3 Greek Gods!”, etc.). MUCH harder than it sounds!! It was fun and caused many laughs.

Thought of the Day:

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”

-MLK Jr.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for our gym. Both boys met friends there yesterday (Ethan- soccer, Asher- swim) for the first time in a long time. It’s such a great active outlet for them.

2 thoughts on “Connection”

  1. that documentary really shows a different class of kids!!! that’s why i don’t want my girls to do any sport professionally, too much pressure and not balanced lifestyle.

    weekends are also connection time for me with the kids, taking walks are one of our favorite ways to have casual conversations.


  2. I loved the short game! Such a different breed of parenting but I guess that is what it takes to really be top notch at something. I’ve heard antidotes about Tiger’s childhood that show he had similar parents. That’s not something I would ever want for our boys, though! Way too much pressure and they don’t get to truly be a kid.

    I look forward to the deep conversation phase of parenting! My husband will be better at having answers and doing research. But it will be fun to see what they are interested in. We have gotten a taste of the game phase as Paul is old enough to play board games and I love it! Just wish my hands were free more often to play with him!


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