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5 Good Things

1- Finally getting my Christmas decorations taken down!! I love Christmas so much, but there does come a point when I’m like, okay, it is OVER. Could the magic Christmas fairy please come in and just remove everything now?? 🙂 Since we we left for vacation right after New Year’s, I didn’t have a chance to deal with any of it. I am so happy to have a wide open weekend now to just dive in and get my house back in order. We even still had Christmas presents under the tree that hadn’t been put away yet and the boys’ new bikes were still standing in the sunroom (needed to rearrange/move their old ones in the garage….). It took all of my strength this past work week to just calmly walk by the STUFF everywhere and ignore it until yesterday (when I actually had time). I welcome the decreased “clutter” now without all of the extra decorations, etc.

I am not retiring the Christmas mugs though. Those can stay a while longer. 🙂

2- The Packers won the Division round last night and it was a great game! Aaron Rodgers was on fire. Super fun to watch. His 37 years of age do not seem to equal my 37 years of age, in any way. Oh well. We can’t all be superstars. 😉

3- I have a renewed sense of excitement surrounding exercise and eating a bit better again. Day 2 of IF went great. I’m also just really happy to have finally nailed my habits again this week. I walked everyday (usually only 10-15 minutes, but the fresh air always makes me feel good). I also worked out everyday. (Again, I didn’t push myself- 2 were just short yoga workouts, and no workout exceeded 35 minutes. Trying to focus just on the process of getting back into the swing of things.) But since the beginning of Dec. the wheels sort of fell off in that area for me and the consistency just wasn’t there. I KNOW I feel like my best self (mentally and physically) when I exercise and walk most days. I feel off when I don’t and it spills over into everything else. So, I’m happy to “be back”.

4- We got a little sunroom space heater this past month while Ethan was doing virtual school at the desk in there. With so many huge windows in that room, it always gets chilly in the winter. I love to read in there looking out at the yard, but was always a little bit cold! The space heater has been awesome. I also finally got a little end table that sits next to my glider/ reading chair for Christmas, so now I have a place to set my tea AND I stay toasty warm! Excited to read more in there this winter! (Spent almost an hour reading this new book: We Were the Lucky Ones. LOVE it so far.)

5- It’s a long weekend!! Yay for no work on Monday.

Thought of the Day……

“Those who are hardest to love, need it the most.” – Socrates

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for uninterrupted time yesterday to get my Christmas decorations all put away. Also, for Chipotle burritos. What a way to break a fast. 😉

2 thoughts on “5 Good Things”

  1. We Were the Lucky Ones is probably a top 10 book of all time for me! It is so good. This is not a spoiler but you will find out in the author’s note at the end that the story is based on the true story of her family during WWII. There are definitely hard parts to read but that is just how WWII book are. I hope you love it as much as I did!!

    We took our decorations the weekend after NYE and it felt so good to get the house back in order. We usually take them down right after Christmas but left them up a tad bit longer. Phil cleaned the house that weekend, too, so that was so great! And without me even suggesting it! He feels guilty that he’s not able to help much with Will since I am Bf’ing. So it was awesome to have him clean the house. We usually have cleaners come but are taking a 2 month break to lower our exposure to others/limit our risk of getting Covid. Can’t wait to bring them back in Feb!!


  2. great to get back… it’s the best feeling! I know I need to get out everyday for run/walk or my day would be started in bad mood. Also glad to hear IF is going well.. you’re a natural for it. it took me 2-3 weeks to adjust to it.


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