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Day 1- Intermittent Fasting

Yesterday was Day 1 of my trial period of Intermittent Fasting. I mentioned I wanted to try it for at least 4 weeks in 2021. I just finished this book and decided there is no time like the present:

(I may need to rethink the only 4 week trial though. Sounds like it can take 28 days to even fully adjust to it, and more time is needed to really start seeing the benefits.)

The book seemed decent, I think. It was a nice overview in an easy-to-read format. Anything “diet-y” can turn me off, since you hear so much contradictory evidence constantly that it can drive you insane. But this author was FIRM in stating that IF is NOT A DIET, it’s an eating PATTERN/ lifestyle that doesn’t require counting calories or denying foods.

I’m primarily interested in the health benefits of IF. Specifically, studies that show that IF can improve brain health and protect against cognitive decline. My family has a major history of dementia in the females in their later years. Really, my odds currently look pretty poor….so I’m very interested in learning about ways to protect and stave this off. The book also spells out anti-inflammatory benefits, autoimmune disease prevention/treatment, cardiovascular benefits, gut microbiome benefits and even possible links to slowing or preventing cancers.

Of course, many people experience weight loss/ easier maintenance while on IF too. I don’t feel I need to “lose weight”, but after the holidays and vacation, I definitely am not feeling my best right now. I feel…squishy. And just kind of “blah.” My diet has left much to be desired lately and a new focus might be the little re-set I need.

Supposedly, many people also experience extreme focus and great mental clarity while fasting (eventually). I like this idea too!

I was happy to see the author really emphasize the flexibility that can come with IF. It’s not necessary to fast the exact same amount of time every single day to see benefits. I like the idea of doing longer fasts during the week when I’m not eating with my family anyway, and then slightly shorter ones on the weekends.

Yesterday for Day 1 I started fasting at 8:30 pm on Thursday and broke the fast at 1:30 pm on Friday. So a 17 hour fast. It went fine! I drank black tea and water during the day (which is allowed) and then ate lunch at 1:30 and dinner around 7:30. (Just can’t have anything that would provoke an insulin response- so not even diet soda or sugar/cream etc. Which is fine because I always drink my tea black anyway.) After I broke the fast I did get a bit of a headache, but I’ve read this is normal in the adjustment period.

I’m using this app to track the fasting window (thanks Eric for the tip!). I think I’d eventually like to try stretching the fasting window even longer some days, like to maybe 20 hours, and then have other days with a shorter fast. You’re still supposed to eat plenty of food in that window- it’s not about “cutting food.” It’s about changing the eating pattern.

We’ll see how it goes! When I told my family they all started laughing hysterically, because it’s a well known fact around here that I am a) always hungry and b) seem to eat constantly. 🙂 Ha. Well, I’ll have to prove them wrong. 😉

Thought of the Day:

Love this. I love those times when I get so engrossed in doing something interesting that hours later I realize I have no idea where my phone even is!!! That’s THE BEST.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for negative COVID tests all around! No symptoms at all for anyone, but just got tested as a precaution since we did travel.

4 thoughts on “Day 1- Intermittent Fasting”

  1. I will be interested to see what you think of IF! I don’t know if I could do it because I get sooo hungry and am used to snacking every couple of hours even when not pregnant or BF’ing. Now is not the time to try it though but depending on your experience it’s something I might consider. I’ve always seen it mentioned as a weight loss tool. I didn’t realize there were other benefits!


  2. I’m definitely curious to hear about your experience. I’m not sure I know anyone who has tried this, and I’m a little worried I’d be hangry all the time (my poor family and students), but the cognitive benefits sound intriguing.


  3. wooo!! I’m impressed that you did 17 hrs in the first day! I’m yet to see the benefits of IF other than a bit less bloating than usual, but I’m going to keep going as it’s getting easier and easier 🙂


  4. I love IF! I have heard of this author but haven’t followed her. I follow Dr Jason Fung. He has changed my life. Actually, I guess he provided the knowledge and I did the change! I like that better. Hahah Yes, you will adapt fairly quickly. And it’s actually easy. I have been fasting, everyday, since June in attempt to lose weight and improve the plague of diabetes that follows me. I have lost 34 pounds, took two months off from weight loss, kept fasting, and did not gain a pound! I’m actively trying to lose again and am down 2 pounds already. I’m very close to goal. I have so much more energy, I never feel squishy, and food is no longer my focus. I don’t count calories but do keep my diet low carb as this helps the ketosis but, more importantly, my dreaded beetus. Stupid genetics. My blood work is also better so we have an overall winner. Let me know if you need a support buddy or have questions. Happy to help ya in your journey.


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