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More snow!!

I think I finally decided on a 2021 word.


It took me a while to land on it, but I’m glad I spent the last couple weeks mulling it over. The word has to “feel” right, and it can take time to figure it out.

So, why “peace”?

Last year, my word was “Intentionality” (post about choosing that one here). I wanted to spend more time being, well, intentional with my time, doing things that mattered to me, being aware. I didn’t want many moments of my life to just slip away, unnoticed. I didn’t want to feel constantly distracted, or elsewhere, while life was going on around me.

Overall, I think I did pretty well with that one. Not perfect, but I think probably a “B” grade at least. Just being aware of an issue tends to help combat it, and I think over this past year, I have been more careful than ever to consciously include things in my life because I want them to be there (or not). Walks with the boys. Reading. Phone calls. Time in nature. Less social media. Turning off the news. Specific book/podcast/media choices. Being more aware of my surroundings.

I feel that the results of this are pretty well ingrained in me now, so I feel comfortable moving on to a new focus (while hopefully still bringing intention with me for the ride).

So, again, why “peace” for 2021??

I knew I wasn’t being drawn to a super “intense” word. I am not feeling a major pull to necessarily “go get ’em” this year, though hopefully I will still achieve a lot this year! Words like “achieve” or “unstoppable” or “commit”, etc. felt all wrong.

When I sat and thought about what aspect of my life I wanted to really work on this year, I realized that I’d really like to let go of some anxious tendencies that I have. I tend to be a wee bit too easily stressed, worried, concerned, etc. about things- many times things that I cannot even ultimately control (or things that won’t REALLY even matter, long term).

I want to work on catching myself in these moments and learning to let go.

My short list of words included:


I ultimately decided that PEACE was the most all-encompassing word for me. If I keep in mind that peace is my primary goal in life, other things may lose their power.

Irritated with the kids?? PEACE.

Worried about X,Y,Z that I can’t control?? PEACE.

Stressing about the news?? PEACE.

Person in traffic cut me off?? PEACE.

Feeling overwhelmed with life?? PEACE.

It felt like the best word (or mantra) that I can keep coming back to in those inevitable moments.

Earlier this fall, I stuck this calendar entry into the front of my notebook (this is rare- I don’t bookmark many). It really sums up the idea!

“…make the decision to have peace as your top priority…When peace is your primary goal, most everything else will fall into place and be much easier to deal with.”

Do you have a Word of the Year? I’m planning to write my word somewhere on every monthly page in my planner. Maybe even on the weekly spreads! I want to see it often. If you need inspiration, has a list of 400 words to browse!

Daily Gratitude:

I’m grateful for a snowstorm!! The kids can’t wait to go sledding.

2 thoughts on “Word”

  1. i love your chosen word! I am choosing one theme per month instead and pick the one that I feel most related in that month. I think having a focus/word/theme in a certain period really helps to print it in our mind.


  2. We got more snow here, too! Paul has his first ‘field trip’ at school to a sledding hill. So I am glad they will have plenty of snow for that and it should be pretty mild out on the day they plan to go!

    I haven’t chosen a word in the past. But I like the word you chose. I think peace is something a lot of us aspire to have more of in our lives. I, too, am prone to anxiety. Going to therapy this fall helped as we focused on how I deal with anxiety. She had me really focus on when I was ‘ruminating’ which means thinking or obsessing over something for an extended amount of time but getting no closer to a resolution. I do that a lot, especially over things I have no control over!!


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