Holidays, Weekends

Happy Monday

Hey! How was your weekend?

Mine was really nice. Plenty of holiday prep in full swing, as I mentioned yesterday, but it felt even-paced and festive, not frantic.

Cookies: ✔

Presents: ✔

Christmas Challenge Day #8 (Read old Christmas books with kids): ✔

Time got away from us and it got late, so we only had time for a few. But they chose these oldies but goodies:

The Story of the Nutcracker Ballet (my childhood version, complete with my name AND my sister’s name inside in marker 🙂 )

I always LOVED this opening illustration!

The Night Before Christmas (my absolute favorite)

The Gingerbread Man ( I don’t think “technically” a Christmas story? But it was in the box, and people make gingerbread men at Christmas, so, it worked).

It felt so sweet to sit on the edge of the bed and read them “stories” like when they were little. I still read with them often, but always a bigger novel, and not perched on the edge of the bed reading and showing them the pictures like that anymore. They felt a tiny bit silly even doing it, but I could tell they liked it and thought it was fun. 🙂

Gotta run- Day #9 of my challenge is up now! I’m about to hop on a 6:15 a.m. call with my sister in Ireland to coincide with her open window of time across the ocean. Have a great day!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for children’s books. They are so fun.

2 thoughts on “Happy Monday”

  1. What a sweet idea to read old Christmas stories with your boys. Reading your blog makes me nostalgic for now in a sense. I spend so much time snuggled with Avi reading board books, which I was feeling really grateful for yesterday. Reading this makes me wonder about how the experience of reading with her will shift over time.


  2. So sweet to read Christmas picture books with your boys. I have a friend who teaches 5th grade and she makes a point to read picture books with her kids as there is still a lot they can get out of the books and it’s fun for everyone!

    I wrapped my gifts yesterday! I didn’t have much to wrap so it did not take long but felt good to get it done!


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