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Coming at you later than usual today due to some technical difficulties this morning. 🙂 Oh the joys.

Our little date night last night for Day #6 of the Christmas Challenge turned into less of a “date” and more into spreading out the Christmas presents and taking inventory of anything that is missing, plus deciding which gifts should be from “Santa” and which gifts from us. Oh, well! It was still nice, just the two of us. It definitely makes it easier that they both know the truth now…it always kind of irked both of us to have “Santa” get all the credit for the cool, fun gifts. Haha. The boys still really wanted to have Santa come on Christmas morning though, even though they know he’s not real.

We did enjoy a little time at our nice bar though. The bar is definitely probably one of the coolest parts about our house. I can take almost zero credit for it, as the previous owners designed it and put it in. I did, however, pick out the cone lights hanging above it. 🙂 And I picked out the barstools.

It is a pretty awesome feature to have in our basement!! We use it mostly around holidays and we LOVE it. I always wish we used it even more though and have been trying to make a point of it lately.

“Someday” destination lists

The other night, we were all talking. I had just listened to a podcast where they were talking about travel, and one of the hosts said something about their family’s plan to allow each child to pick one domestic (U.S.) trip destination when they turned 10 and an international destination when they turned 15 (for the whole family). (Don’t quote me on the ages- but it was something like that.)

I thought that was a really fun and interesting idea! I’m not totally sure I could give up control just like that in the trip department, but it’s an intriguing thought at least and I can see how that could be really fun.

So I asked my family, “If you could pick ONE domestic destination and ONE international destination to visit, what would they be?” We had some fun discussion about it.

These were our answers:

Asher: Domestic– Alaska, International– Paris (hopefully our trip can be rescheduled sooner than later and we can cross this one off the list!)

Ethan: Domestic– Maine, International- Belize (He was REALLY fixated on Belize! Not sure where that came from. Maybe Spanish class research?)

Ivan: Domestic– also Maine! (Guess we are planning a trip to Maine in the near future). International– Denmark (He has been obsessed with wanting to go to Denmark forever now.)

Then it was my turn…..I hemmed and hawed for a long time and finally answered, “Domestic– Hawaii, I think. Just because it’s so iconic and I’ve never been there!). International.…. (deep breath): Greek Isles, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Vienna & Prague, Iceland, Edinburgh, Scotland, Thailand, Fiji, Machu Picchu. Oh, and Poland. And I’d love to see Russia!”.

They were all like, “Um that’s 12 places.”

I know! Hahaha!!

But it feels impossible to choose. 🙂 I honestly still don’t know where I would go if I absolutely HAD to pick one place to go on an all expenses, paid trip or something like that. It’s kind of fun to think about, but also overwhelming- and sad to realize I’ll probably never make it to a fraction of the places I’d love to go in my lifetime. I am blessed though and grateful for the many places I HAVE visited. I know I’ve been very lucky to travel quite a lot already in my life.

Ahhh. Looks so glorious! It’s also impossible to have ever watched Mama Mia and not put Greece on the top of your bucket list, am I right?

What is your “one place”- domestic (wherever that is for you!) and international?

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a good night’s sleep last night, and that the grocery store was surprisingly not a zoo when I went to get more cookie ingredients.

6 thoughts on “Someday….”

  1. fun activity to do with the family. I was planning to plan for our trip next year during the break. Domestically my all time bucket list was el nido and we are going now!!! then there are few more places that we must visit before we leave the PH. originally was next summer but now that I’m extended, I feel less pressure.
    internationally i want to visit new zealand and do a road trip with the family. some easy place with the girls alone would be tokyo disney. 🙂 and lao, myanmar, nepal, maldives… soo many places still to go in Asia.


  2. My domestic place is Utah – I want to see the state parks there! But there is a long list of places I want to see domestically and we have a better shot of taking those trips in about 5 years or so. You can not go wrong with Hawaiia. We went to Maui for our honeymoon and it was amazing. Best trip of my life – loved relaxing on the beach and snorkeling and then going hiking the next day. We alternated between low key days and hiking and exploring days. It was so wonderful. Internationally bi would want to take everyone to Paris as it’s my fave city! But I also have a long list of international destinations!

    That bar in your basement is awesome!!


  3. Oh, what a wonderful topic for conversation! I could never, ever get it down to just one for each! I’d sign on for all of your international travel options if you’d have me. I’d just want to add Norway to the list. 😉 Domestic? I’d go to New Mexico, as I’ve never been. Also (oddly) North Dakota. If I’m trying to go to places I’ve never gone, I’d have to add the Gulf Coast, too, and I’d also add in SC and GA, since I don’t really remember visiting those as a kid.


  4. Domestic travel-Alaska. If I could go anywhere internationally…maybe Japan or Chile? I don’t know I want to go to all the place you listed too. Of your choices, I’ve been to Prague (I actually studied abroad there), Costa Rica (for our honeymoon), and Vienna. If I had to go back to just one, I’d pick Costa Rica followed by Prague 🙂


    1. Good to know about Costa Rica!! It is pretty high on my list, so if I end up planning a trip there, I will hit you up for some suggestions! It’s a place that overwhelms me a little bit in the planning department, because there’s so much variety there… I’d want to spread time out around the country, but the transportation aspect looks slightly tricky compared to like Europe where you can just take a train or Public transport everywhere.


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