Home stretch

Today is December 1, 2020. We are in the home stretch now of 2020!!!! Woooo!!!! One month to go until a fresh start in 2021.

Honestly, I don’t think anything will magically change when the calendar reads 2021. But given the general cultural, worldwide disdain for this year, I’ll go with the flow and hate on it for a second too. 🙂

It’s so ironic to me that this year turned into such a rollercoaster ride…it started out so strong for me!! I distinctly remember telling Ivan around the end of January, “This year is just going really great so far!” I felt extra organized, motivated about my 20 for 2020 list and resolutions, excited about the future, the kids were doing well in school and their sports, we had the big Europe trip planned….and then. Ha. That’s life for you. 🙂

For me, personally, there have been so many good things about this year too though that I really feel yucky when I hear people totally trash talk the entire year. In this upcoming season of reflection and as the year ends, I want to spend some time really pondering what I’ve learned this year. There’s no point in going through trials and tribulations if you don’t come out stronger on the other side, right?

December Fun

I love the month of December. We celebrate Christmas, so for my family that is obviously a huge focus of the month. Asher’s birthday is also TOMORROW, December 2nd. (!!!!!!) I think we are mostly ready. I need to wrap his gifts yet tonight. We have a “doughnuts for breakfast” tradition at our house, so tomorrow morning I’ll need to sneak out early to pick some fresh ones up.

I want to spend a few minutes jotting down a little holiday fun list sometime this week. I don’t usually make an actual “list”- most of our holiday activities are traditions, like decorating, baking cookies, etc. that are kind of hard to forget about. 🙂 But it might be fun to add some specific new activities on there. Like, I don’t know- going for a nature walk somewhere in the snow with to-go cups of hot chocolate (if/when it snows again). Or, watching a virtual performance of A Christmas Carol or The Nutcracker or something like that. Maybe planning to read a longer, classic Christmas book together by the fire. Putting together goodie baskets for a couple of friends. Etc. The holiday season is busy enough, so I’m not looking to add a ton, but I’d like to give it some thought.

Back to virtual school

The boys started virtual school back up yesterday. They’ll have 3 weeks now of virtual, then 2 weeks of Christmas break, then 1 more week of virtual school before resuming in person classes (supposedly). So far, so good. This is their third go-round now with virtual classes (spring, early fall, now), and it definitely seems like experience is paying off. The first day seemed easy and smooth. I’m trying to stay out of it as much as possible this time. They have a nice mix of a few more Zooms/ streamed classes mixed with independent work time, so I’m feeling pretty good about it on the whole.

Finally, a little reminder as we head into the last month of the year. This is a great time to think about what’s working and what’s not in your life. Feel free to make some changes as you see fit! 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for getting the rest of our Christmas decorations up last night and for paid time off to deal with Ethan’s recent ortho appointments!

2 thoughts on “Home stretch”

  1. I’m definitely ready to turn the page on 2020. There was good in the year – like getting pregnant/having a baby in December. But covid really threw a wrench in the year and we’ve had Paul home with us 13 weeks total – while paying for daycare! Ouch! So that has been really disruptive as every return to daycare is very rough for our sensitive little guy. 4 rooms are closed at school due to cases so it seems to really be spreading unfortunately. 😦 So I am nervous for what this winter will bring but at least I won’t be working and can just focus on being a mom. That will be challenging with an infant and almost-3yo but I’ll make it work and would choose that over trying to keep up with work while watching Paul! I am glad I saw so many people outdoors while the weather was nice as we won’t see anyone for the next several months until our case counts are more under control. I’m just relieved a vaccine is on the horizon. It won’t solve everything but it’s a huge step in the right direction – IF PEOPLE WILL TAKE IT! I heard something like 40%+ of people polled don’t want to take it. Which is just a huge bummer!

    I hope Asher has a great day tomorrow despite covid conditions. I love your doughnut tradition! Yum! I don’t think our boys will share a birthday as this baby seems content to hang out where he is, but that’s ok. At this point it’s better that he hangs tight so my parents can get here. Plus that way my OB will be the one doing the c-section which is pretty ideal since I adore her.

    You’ll have to share your holiday fun list! We aren’t planning much since having a new baby kind of throws plans up in the air, but I did get an advent calendar with little drawers and Paul has been very excited for it to be December. Every day he gets 3 m&ms and every day or 2, he gets to pick a wrapped toy from a bag (I got an owl ornament and some matchbox cars – doesn’t take much to impress a toddler!). I also want to do some drives to look at Christmas lights as the baby should tolerate that well! And hopefully some walks to look at lights, too, if the weather cooperates. I figure I can put the baby in the carrier and Paul can ride in the stroller.


  2. I fully agree that there’s many positive things this year “thanks” to covid. I’ll reflect on it too during the month of December.

    holiday fun lists is fun!

    sorry about the back to virtual school but we’ve been there and not too bad, right?


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