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Beautiful day/ sleepless night

After getting to bed too late last night (my fault/choice), I woke up around 3 am after a creepy dream. It had a very scary (and very realistic!) climax which jolted me awake and literally had adrenaline buzzing through me for a few minutes. It was a perfect representation of how the mind/physical body are united-the fear caused an actual fight or flight reaction in my body. So crazy.

After the dream I was then wide awake but trying not to be. I was a little creeped out from the dream itself (I just briefly contemplated trying to share it, but it’s one of those where I think you kinda had to be there?). I spent I don’t even know how long awake after that- just couldn’t fall back to sleep. Eventually I think I dozed off but when my alarm went off I did NOT feel rested. Boo. It’s so not ideal to start the workweek behind the 8 ball on sleep. 😦

Anyway, yesterday was a great day though. Gorgeous weather- almost too hot for my taste in November, really. I had to go back inside and put a tank top on!! It was a very nice mix of work and play.

We started the day with a 9 am soccer game. Ethan played well and it was their last game vs. a strong local team. It was an exciting game and they ended up tied 2-2.

Am I a soccer mom? Or a bank robber? You’ll never know. 😉

We stopped for lunch on the way home quick and it was fun! The boys were being a little silly and there was a lot of laughing going on. 🙂

Mid-day, Ivan and I finally got our new deck lights permanently affixed to the gutters (a bit of a team job). He cleaned out the gutters from the roof and I climbed on a step stool and scrubbed the gutters that were YUCKY from the bottom. SO happy we got this done!!! (No pics taken of that part).

Meanwhile, the boys reluctantly agreed to help rake up some leaves in the backyard. They became a lot more interested once Ivan said they could use the leaf blowers. LOL!

This is what happens when you give 10 and 12 year old boys power tools.

I made them take a couple nice shots, too.

Flint got some sunshine, too. 🙂

Ivan continued to work in the yard all afternoon (he made a serious dent in the fall yard clean up) while I went to get groceries. The boys got a SURPRISE visit from our old neighbor!! She was just briefly in town while her parents ran a couple errands/ visited family but they got a few hours at the park/ playing outside with her.

I got home from the grocery store in time to make the chili AND the apple pie. No chili pics but here’s the pie:

Ended the night reading a couple chapters with Ethan while Asher showered and then a quick hot tub dip with Ivan! A busy-in-a-good-way and satisfying weekend.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for kitchen utensils! This was on my mind as I used a can opener, spoons, knives, etc. yesterday. Funny story- when I was in college I went to Guatemala on a church trip. I visited some local women who lived in a very rural area. The American woman I visited with, who was living in Guatemala running an English school, told me that she had once brought the women a bunch of vegetable peelers as a gift (since they ate a lot of soups, etc. and peeled a lot of veggies). She said they thanked her, but she noticed they NEVER actually used them! They were so used to just using a knife to peel their veggies that our “modern convenience tool” was just not necessary to them at all. I remember thinking how interesting that was. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Beautiful day/ sleepless night”

  1. OMG that pie looks amazing! I read a couple of books this year that talked about pie and it made me really want to make one this Thanksgiving. But I won’t be able to eat it so maybe I will make one for Christmas when I’m back to eating whatever I want.

    The leaf pics are so cute! Paul loved playing in the leaves this year. We left the leaf pile around until Friday so he could play with them when he got home from school last week. He loved jumping in the leaves and throwing them at us.

    It was really warm here this weekend, too! I am glad we got one last stretch of nice weather because I know the next 3-5 months are going to be tough w/ the covid precautions and such. Hopefully the Pfizer vaccine is approved for use soon – the 90% effectiveness is very encouraging, although I understand that number will likely go down a bit as they complete their drug trials. I’m so ready to put covid behind us. I had a bad dream about covid on Friday night that was likely sparked by a discussion with my mom about their Thanksgiving plans and how they will need to get tested before they come here to watch Paul during my c-section. I dreamed that my BIL tested positive but was still going to work (he works with my parents as he’s taking over their business) and he refused to wear a mask. I hadn’t been sleeping well in general but that dream really bugged me, even though I know it would never happen.


  2. sounds like a fun day. glad that you didn’t let lack of sleep to affect your beautiful day.
    that pie looks like store bought, so professional, I bet it takes even better freshly out of the oven!


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