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Housekeeping- cleaning & meals

My big accomplishment of the day yesterday was that I didn’t get in my car or have to go anywhere in the entire day. 🙂

I know we are all supposed to still be staying home, and for the most part, we are. We really don’t go anywhere too exciting these days, but with the boys back in school/ activities, it is now a rare day again that I don’t have to go somewhere. Sometimes it’s just the bus stop drop, but still.

Weather here is GORGEOUS this weekend. Definitely not typical November. It’s sunny and in the 70’s both days. Ivan was so excited by the nice weather that he raced outside first thing to fire up the lawnmower. 😉 (dripping sarcasm….)

I actually felt perfectly content to not leave the house all day. Asher got a ride to swim practice, and Ivan took Ethan to a soccer scrimmage and I stayed home to get some things done.

I’d been feeling that our normal weekly (or at least bi-weekly) cleaning had fallen a little to the wayside, so that had been a priority this week. Normally we just do it on the weekends, but I’d been chipping away at it little by little this week.


Monday– deep cleaned the living room (boys helped)

Tuesday– cleaned my office!! Needed it SO bad. Looks and feels amazing now.

Wednesday– deep cleaned the sunroom

Thursday– boys and I bagged up a bunch of leaves from the deck/ patio and I scrubbed down the outside of the hot tub/ cover, swept the garage out. So. many. leaves!

Friday- I don’t think I cleaned anything on Friday 🙂

Saturday- Spent forever deep cleaning out the fridge, grocery list, meal plan, and then REALLY cleaning the kitchen. Like, baseboards, wiped all the cabinets, mopped floors, appliances, etc. The whole shebang. The boys each cleaned a bathroom and did their rooms.

Today?– All that’s really left is the master bedroom and the basement rec room could use a quick vacuum. My garden is also still sitting there, untouched, with a bunch of sad and dead looking remnants of plants. Need to clean that out, too.

Otherwise, on the agenda today is a 9:00 a.m. soccer game for Ethan (guess I’ll need to leave the house.) It’s his last game already!! I need to grab some groceries, too. Planning to make chili and apple pie this afternoon. (I owe my sister-in-law…she loves my chili and requested it since she dropped off that batch of tlacoyos the other day. 🙂 )


Asher was sitting next to me in the kitchen as I made the grocery list, and he apparently was full of opinions re: what we will eat this week. So he basically wrote the meal plan. Haha. On the list is (in no particular order, necessarily- never seems to work for me to specifically assign days):

🔷 chili/ apple pie/ rolls (today)

🔷 meatloaf/ corn/ scalloped potatoes (I usually make mashed potatoes; Asher suggested scalloped potatoes. I think they have them at school and he loves them.)

🔷homemade chicken noodle soup (with carrots), salad and french bread (again, very specific requests from Asher)

🔷chipotle crusted pork tenderloin, red potatoes, broccoli

This should be plenty with leftovers/ misc. takeout added in. What are you eating this week?

Misc. photos….ran across these yesterday from October 2015 (7 and 5 years old). ❤❤

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for good weather for the soccer game this morning. Some years, these last games are just MISERABLY cold (both for the players and the spectators…)

3 thoughts on “Housekeeping- cleaning & meals”

  1. that sounds a lot of cleaning! woo! good that I don’t do cleaning anymore (something I used to fight with husband often).
    I also don’t do assigned day for meals, i just write down few things I probably will make, ideas, and then go with the flow. we will centre around vegetables for sure, still need to replenish the vitamins and fibres for the family.


  2. That is a lot of detailed cleaning. Sweeping the house is an every day duty here in this house and sometimes that is all that gets done. Yes some days it feels so good to just stay home! What cute pictures!


  3. Phil did all of our outdoor cleanup on Friday. I usually enjoy helping with that, but this was not the year for that with my stupid flares. It was gorgeous here this weekend, too, so we spent as much time outside as we could as I know colder weather and snowy days are in the forecast this week, although the snow will liikely/hopefully melt.

    I am super spoiled – we have a cleaner that comes every other week. It’s a total splurge but worth it because they do a better job than I ever could! It was a battle to get my husband to agree to it, though! He’s super frugal and felt it was pretty unnecessary. But it makes life much better to not have to fit in cleaning on the weekends!

    Your meal plan sounds great! I love that you had some help. The worst part, for me, is making the meal plan. I don’t mind the rest. My husband is good about making suggestions, though. This week we are having ground turkey tacos (made them last night and made double the meat so I can have tacos salads for lunch this week), turkey meatloaf and a stuffed sausage recipe I tried a month or so ago that we liked. Pablo usually likes tacos but he ate like 1/5 of 1 taco last night. Le sigh.


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