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Heat wave and teens/compromise

It’s Hot

We’ve entered summer, apparently, here in Wisconsin…. never mind that just last week we seemed firmly on the outskirts of winter. Spring just never showed up this year.

It was 90 degrees yesterday. !!!! I heard on the news that it was actually a record high temperature for May 10.

I finally caved just before bed and turned the air conditioning on. I couldn’t help it! It was literally like 85 degrees in our house. Despite open windows and fans on, I had sweat beading down my neck just sitting still.

Given the sudden “summer” weather, I also decided to work in the sunroom this week. Soon the boys will be done with school, and this will be more difficult to do (distraction free). So I’ve been soaking up sitting in our most sunny room, with the patio door open, ALONE, listening to the birds. 🙂

I don’t know why I’m wearing a sweatshirt in this pic. I wore a tank top the rest of the day. A pre-workout, pre-shower typical “morning at my desk” selfie…. 😆 Thank goodness I never need to be on camera for my job. lol.
From my desk- nice open screen door. Side note- my kids sadly no longer play with Tinker Toys, but I leave them out because my 5 year old nephew stops by often. 🙂 My kids are still big fans of the Speed Stacker cups, though!

I also definitely made sure to get a morning walk in yesterday. Those nice hot mornings are THE BEST and I really love to walk at that time of day.

Around 8 am?

Dinner was one of my favorite meals- pan fried tilapia, zucchini mix (with onion, tomato, little bit of jalapeno, corn, cilantro and cheese melted in), rice and salad.

I LOVE this meal. Could eat it every week, but I forget to make it sometimes.

I’ve now cooked both Monday and Tuesday nights so far this week, so definitely planning on a LEFTOVERS night tonight. I like to cook, but I always need a night or two “free” from that extra time constraint. Ivan is never home until too late to really help with cooking on weeknights.

When I have time though (without needing to run kids all over creation), I really actually love the process of puttering about in the kitchen, prepping dinner, listening to the evening news (or Jeopardy, depending on what time it is) on our little kitchen TV. I was thinking about this last night, just how enjoyable I find that. I don’t love trying to squish it hurriedly in if I don’t have enough time, though. Last night I had to drop Asher at swim dryland training at 4:30, but then carpools took over the rest of the night. So it was a good night for making a relaxed dinner. 🙂

Kids and Compromise

Just wanted to thank people for some nice, supportive comments about my little phone dilemma yesterday! I appreciated people offering some words of encouragement. 🙂

I also forgot to share yesterday, but I saw an article last week called Never Say Never: Why Your Teen Needs You to Compromise that made some excellent points!! I thought it did a great job of capturing the complex, confusing nature of conflicts with teens (and pre-teens). (The entire website Raising Teens Today is a fantastic resource for anything “teen”.)

A great quote: “Parents walk a fine line between discipline and grace. It’s the ultimate challenge to be both firm and fluid, strong and soft, yielding, yet rock solid.” – Kirsten Armstrong

I also like how the article explores the idea that teens “challenging” a rule or arguing a bit with parents is actually a good thing! It’s teaching them to approach and manage conflict appropriately and productively, in a safe environment. Which, as the article points out, is an extremely valuable life skill.

(The title also made me think of this “meme” that I’ve seen floating around. Not related to the article, but I still find it very funny! And true. LOL.)

Off to fit in another steamy walk! Gosh I love summer mornings. Enjoy your day!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for, as stated above, nights when I can calmly cook dinner with the news (or Jeopardy!) on. A small thing, but something I really enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Heat wave and teens/compromise”

  1. Good morning (or afternoon for me!) 🙂

    I read your last update in my emails and then forgot to come on over and reply. I’m sure whatever you decide about the phones will be the right choice. I agree with your frustrations that it seems kids (like the rest of us, let’s be honest!) are filling any free time with a device, but I also agree with the fact that making your kids the odd ones out may not be the battle to pick.

    We don’t have these issues with A since her development and peer group is different, but it’s funny that some things are still very development appropriate. For example, A has recently refused to swim. She used to LOVE swimming so much, but now won’t go. And that seems to be the stage all of the neurotypical 13 year old girls I know are at too.

    Also, you look so pretty and happy and just wonderful in that photo. I beamed with a big smile as soon as I saw it! Enjoy your walk x


  2. This weather. We got through last night without the AC, but we unwintered the unit and turned it on this morning after a rough night. Where art thou, spring?

    You look so happy. It looks like a lovely space to work!


  3. Leave it to the Midwest to skip right over spring to summer! I wore a winter hat and mittens on my run the previous weekend and then on Saturday I was pretty hot in capris and a short sleeved shirt! We were able to hold off on putting on the a/c until today. I think it helps that we get a lot of shade, so the upstairs bedrooms stay pretty cool, or cooler than they would be without our huge oak trees. But I turned the a/c on this morning as I can tell the house is warming up and the humidity is increasing.

    You look great in that photo! It doesn’t look like you are unshowered at all! I wish my hair would look like that when I got up!!

    Ah yes, the “my child will never x.” I think every parent that said that ends up eating their words!!


  4. That looks like such a great working space. Natural light is a must for me to feel at my best – physically and mentally. Grey, rainy days or dark/cool spaces just drain the life out of me.
    We’re in the middle of a “warm” wave. I wouldn’t call it hot just yet, but this week has been absolutely beautiful and it’s so relieving. It really did feel like the rain/wind/clouds of this spring were never going to end.


  5. i like that approach too. parenting is a journey and we need to adapt to the stage of development of our kids. being open minded is crucial.


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