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High/ Low- Random Edition

In the mood for some randomness today, so here ya go! High/lows from the last couple days, in no particular order.High: Stuff is growing in my garden! I pulled out a bunch of delicious green beans yesterday and the jalapenos and serranos are growing well too. I think the lettuce is basically done for, and the broccoli is trying but…

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Summer Nights

Yesterday felt like “SUMMER” with capital letters. Specifically, a “summer night”. And every time I say the words “summer night”, I inevitably think of the song “Summer Nights” and the movie “Grease”. You see, when I was growing up, maybe around 13ish?, my sister, best friend and I went through a period of time where we were obsessed with the…

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Landscaping and Garden Haul

As I mentioned yesterday, I usually end up doing some yard work, garden planting or flower planting over Memorial Day weekend.  My typical “spring garden haul” includes a bunch of annuals for our front rock bed (mostly perennials, but I have planted a bunch of new ones and the majority just don’t come back….I don’t know. I think the soil…

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