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Landscaping and Garden Haul

As I mentioned yesterday, I usually end up doing some yard work, garden planting or flower planting over Memorial Day weekend. 

My typical “spring garden haul” includes a bunch of annuals for our front rock bed (mostly perennials, but I have planted a bunch of new ones and the majority just don’t come back….I don’t know. I think the soil isn’t the best there and it is kind of tricky working in the rocks anyway). I usually get 1-2 new perennials to try in there. But, I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to plants, so, that could very well be part of the problem. 😉

This is from last year. It usually looks okay- I’m sure someone with some gardening talent could make this area really beautiful. If you are that person, let yourself be known and I welcome your advice. 🙂

Then, I usually plant some basic planters on either side of my garage door, one on my front patio table, and usually a little one on my front step. I sprinkle a few annuals along the front of the house in our mulch too, in front of the bushes.

In the backyard, I generally buy some annuals for 3 planters on our deck, one for our concrete patio and some for small planters and in the bed back by our shed. I can see this area from the kitchen window, so I try to pick some fun, bright colors. 

This area is back by our shed. It looks pretty from a distance but has a bunch of ferns in the back that get OUT OF CONTROL. That big shrub has since been cut back and is finally growing better this year (old picture). We re-did this rock border a couple years ago which looks nice from the house. 

I love the idea of a yard filled with flowers, but I honestly just don’t know much about it and I haven’t really had (or taken?) time to learn much. The majority of the beds we have were here when we bought the house. I have made some minimal changes and additions, but for the most part, I just try to keep things alive and looking halfway decent!! It all just takes more time than I generally have to devote to it.

This is around the side of our garage. I don’t even know what the purple things are, but they are very beautiful! I cut it down to the ground every fall and it grows back up like this every year. 
 I do really enjoy looking at beautiful flowers though, and I do get pleasure from seeing our various beds in bloom (especially in June/ early July. A lot of our landscaping is starting to get overgrown and gets HUGE by the end of the season. A lot of stuff probably needs to be divided…but I seem to never get around to it). 

This bed off our deck has a tendency to also go crazy!!! I dug a ton of these out earlier this spring. (old photo). I like the sort of wild, messy look of it but it can get out of hand very easily. BTW- those are solar panels for our water heater on the roof, in case you are wondering 🙂

I dug out a bunch of the front ones- they spill over into the yard so badly that it is hard to cut the grass! 

Yesterday I went and picked up a partial flower haul for the front yard. I wasn’t really “in the mood”- I just went to Home Depot and it was super crowded, and the whole experience of wearing a mask and trying to dodge ALL the people just wasn’t super duper fun- but I grabbed a few things to get started. Hoping I can get some more this week!

Here’s what I got for now (again, nothing fancy!):

I usually stick with reds in the front of our house since we have a bright red front door. In the backyard I like to do pinks and yellows (I didn’t buy for the backyard yet).

Do you plant many flowers in your yard? Any tips? What are some of your favorites??

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Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for weekends. I’m grateful for the chance to rest, recharge and get some things done around the house too. 

3 thoughts on “Landscaping and Garden Haul”

  1. I am a total novice at plants/flowers as well. I went to a different greenery than I usually do as we had a gift card to use up and it wasn't as well-organized as the one I usually go to. I was hoping to find some flowers/plants for a side of our house that needs something that can grow in the shade. At my other greenery, they have things organized by shade, part shade, full sun, etc. So for a novice, it's easy to find what I need. I did try to ask a question but it's hard to do that with social distancing protocols as you can't get very close to each other and I had a picture of something on my phone… So I just kind of gave up and decided to consult google. Since this is our first spring/summer in our house (we moved in November) we don't really know what anything is… so we are trying to figure that out before doing much with the landscaping. I did buy some impatiens potted plants for out front and that brightened things up. But aside from weeding/raking leaves, I haven't done much else with the landscaping – I figure we'll do more next summer when we know what everything is!


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